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Entering the Workforce – What happened to Seishun?


It has been a while!!! Time for an update. This has been waiting for some typing madness.

I don’t know anymore how exactly to blog so bear with me. It’s been 10 months since I’ve actually written something. Quite sad isn’t it? Let’s skip the details on why I wasn’t able to blog shall we? I just wasn’t able to. Let’s keep it at that.

There were several ways for me to have done blogging if I really wanted to. I mean, I go to office and have my station. I can use my computer to write entries if I’m done with my tasks (calling it out as early as now: I rarely have idle time. Or if I have, I’d rather rest). Despite the obstacles, I was able to finish watching the original Gundam series and Zeta just using my smartphone. Can you believe that?  And I’m technically not disconnected to the anisphere as I can still read the tweets from time to time. And yet I just wasn’t able to blog. Sigh, I’ve been wondering myself why.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like anime. I still watch at least one episode everyday even if it’s a rewatch. I just won’t survive. If I didn’t have my smartphone, I could have suffered a mental breakdown, seriously. With the pile of work I do in the office, anime remains to be the only remedy that alleviates the stress. They are the only thing that distracts me from pesky real life obligations that eats up my time. I guess things aren’t just like before. My line of work has something to do with operations so  technically I’m up the “everything under the sun” department (although I deal with numbers, most of the time). The work I’m doing is not boring at all. I’ve been learning a lot as it’s my first job. But I guess, the time I used to allot just daydreaming, thinking of future blog posts, and thinking about interesting ideas, suddenly went down the drain.

Most of what occupies my mind right now is… Where can I get that report? Maybe if I speak to that person, I can solve the issue we had from last month? Which report should I run to do this month’s reconciliation? Are there any issues within the region that I need to investigate? How exactly can we simplify this process?

servantxserviceMaybe I’m too workaholic? HAHA. I wish my brain would just stop thinking of work right after my schedule, and then immediately wear my aniblogging hat. Unfortunately, I can’t do that, at least not yet. Which is why this place has been empty even though I’m around spouting non-sense at Twitter. I might have a broken PC for the last eight months (oh yes, and I survived with just a smartphone) but that might have been just a convenient excuse for me to take a break from blogging… And supposedly, I have returned! Quite ironic, I know. But if I won’t start today, then when would I? Maybe I should set the bar a little higher this time. I mean, ghostlighting was able to blog while working for the longest time before he ended that chapter. He also has her cute daughter! I’m not even in a relationship? What’s holding me back? I need to stop this procrastination, really.

I’m so into UC universe of Gundam now. How many posts could have I written about Unicorn?! I’m wasting all those ideas that are being washed away by thoughts that can technically wait once I’m at the office. Thoughts that simply cause anxiety.

Ah, if only I could be so laidback like Hasebe in terms of attitude. But no, I cannot do that. I would prefer to experience the hardships while I’m still young rather than delay it and experience the difficulty to settle down when the time calls for it. The sad part is, most of my colleagues have been telling me that I’m burning my youth in the office. Haha, I know, please stop rubbing it on my face already.

I could have been collecting my seishun points right now with a certain self-proclaimed futon alien girl!

Whew, I just had to let that out guys. So, anyone around there who’s having /had the same dilemma? Not that anyone’s going to read this! Hmpf.

Hopefully I get to write anime-related posts soon! Gatcha! (that’s a clue)

Laters everyone,


image credits: pixiv users ふみほ and bright night

  1. Mint says: October 21, 20134:07 am

    Well, well, welcome back! sounds like your first job is going well. This reminds me, I want a second season of servant x service but it's so far away…. 🙁

    Looking forward to your posts for sure. What shows are you liking/watching this season?

    • foomafoo says: October 21, 20136:27 pm

      Thank you Mint! Sigh. I hope they make a S2 soon. I really prefer this than Working.

      Currently liking Samurai Flamenco, Golden Time, Kyoukai no Kanata and Kill la Kill. Unless I missed something interesting. I'm also watching Coppelion, Galilei Donna, IS 2, Log Horizon, Valvrave S2 and Nagi no Asukara, but I'm not really thrilled on those.

      Did I miss anything "must see" ??

      • Mint says: October 22, 20135:21 am

        Yes you are missing something!!! I think Kyousogiga could easily be my favorite show of the year so far. I was also really surprised by Yowamushi Pedal and Gingitsune, they're pretty good! I haven't seen Golden Time yet but I have it downloaded so I'll get to that soon.

        hahaha I started watching Valvrave a few days ago, it's something else. I would marathon the first season but I don't think I could handle all the insanity in such a short amount of time. 😛

        • foomafoo says: October 24, 201310:15 pm

          oh, I remember that one having OVA released few seasons back. Do I have to watch those? and what's the difference with the series? I'm tempted to try Yowamushi but.. I'm just not into bikes.

          You would need to marathon the 2 seasons of Valvrave I think. S1 hardly made sense, and S2 is just about to. Don't ask me why I'm watching it weekly, lol.

          • Mint says: October 25, 20136:47 am

            Nope, they're working all the OVAs from before into the current tv series, and episode 0 of the tv show is the first OVA. So you're not missing anything if you stick with the show- NOW GO WATCH. GOOOOO

            lol I was never interested in cycling either but the animation is surprisingly good and the characters are quite funny. but there's so much good stuff this season it's overwhelming @__@

  2. @Eri_Uri says: October 24, 20136:06 pm

    I can relate, if not feel you. University alone is taking up so much of my time that I can't imagine what a proper full-time job would do. However, I believe blogging is a matter of how strongly you want to do it.

    As it turns out, when you don't have enough free time you'd rather relax on breaks than blog and, on the other hand, when you have plenty of time you keep postponing things you don't feel like doing immediately. That being said, if blogging really provides you with fulfillment and you're doing it because you really love it, then I think you can always set some time aside. Of course, that's my personal opinion.

    I also believe that being a certain level of workaholic is a healthy practice. Dedication brings results; obsession brings anxiety, mental and physical exhaustion. You're the only one who knows where you are, though. Don't listen to your colleagues, see if you need a break for yourself. And if you need one; take it!

    —"Not that anyone’s going to read this! Hmpf"
    That's not really gonna help you get back to blogging, you know. I have the same attitude and look where it has led me…

    • foomafoo says: October 24, 201310:19 pm

      You know, when I wasn't able to blog, I really really badly wanted to. I even always have this site's Dashboard pinned in Chrome but I hardly, really had the time to visit and refresh the site stats!

      And I don't know, Blogging at home, with your own PC just feels different if you're trying to blog at work, with onlookers everywhere (private cubicles are not famous here). I can't even browse for pixiv decently. I can't imagine how other people can sort out stuff on their mind, especially aniblog outside of their "base".

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