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Intermission: Anime Blogger Interrogation Game – Take 2!

Hello guys, I’ll be straightforward this time. I’m technically late already! This is the second part of the Interrogation Game and the questions I’m going to answer are from Hiromi and Kyokai.

Someone was kind enough to tag me back on the last day (clue: it’s not Hiromi) so here we go!


1) Would you read the original Light Novel of a anime that you think is exceptionally good? Additional thoughts?

Yes. I’ve been tempted to read the whole Haruhi, Fate/Zero, Spice and Wolf, DRRR!! and Baccano novels but sadly, I haven’t had the time to be updated with the latest published materials (not to mention the lack of translations). If the animated version has so much to offer, then I believe I’d be more tempted to read the original novel material as I prefer to have my imaginations running on its own when visualizing scenes. Also, those random illustrations in light novels? They hardly help me visualize the scenes. I go for the choice of words. Now, I do hope there wasn’t any translation loss. (must learn Jap soon.)

2) What do you think of the current trend of anime series that broadcasts 1 cour, followed by a 1 (or 2) season(s) break, then the 2nd cour? (e.g.: Fate/Zero, Jormungand)

It would help if they would avoid doing this because if I’m interested enough, chances are, I’d go for the manga/novel adaptations. Doing so would really affect my expectation on what’s to come, ie. Jormungand (I’m updated up until volume 9 already). Then again, I think I can manage even if they do so. It’s a break for just one season RIGHT? I hate the situations where “Studio X is not sure if they’re still going to animate next season because not enough S1 profit” then next season airs after 3 years.

3) What is your favourite type of anime character? (<Kuu, Tsun, Yan, etc (dere)>, <Imouto, Ane, Ani, Otouto>)

I tend to like kuuderes or Onee-san ones.

4) How do you enjoy your anime? (With food, drinks? Headphones or speakers? With friends or alone? On a large projector screen or laptop screen? etc)

erm, normally I guess? I usually eat food while watching but I don’t eat just so I’d enjoy it. Simply watching is how I enjoy my anime.

5) What is your current Desktop background?


1) Being an aniblogger/anime watcher, what in your life has changed, something that might have not been there if you didn’t pick up this hobby?

Probably the way I use references people won’t get? My writing skills(lol?), probably. College has lots of the academic type of writing where the tone is stiff so writing blogging something in a personal way is quite refreshing from time to time. Also, blogging and watching anime has helped me a lot on how to look at things from different perspectives. As silly as it may sound, there are lessons you can pick up from watching anime. If you try to observe the thought processes of anime characters, you’d actually be able to pick up a lot.

2) How were you in your highschool days? What’s the difference in your personality now? *

If this question’s aim is to ask how anime affected my personality in HS, the it’s probably useless to ask since I’ve been watching anime ever since HS. I’d like to believe that I’m one of the normal beings in the school. Just the normal mix of having good grades and group of friends. I’ve been typecasted as someone who’s online a lot in the internet and I don’t think there was a change on that aspect. I’ve always been the reserved type of person. I don’t tell things about myself unless asked and I think this is pretty much what I am until now.

3) The worst anime(s) ever.

There’s no such thing. There are anime(s) that I don’t like e.g Fractale, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the worst.

4) A series that you thought would be shit but was brilliant.

There are lots of anime that I thought would be shit but was mediocre/average – so for this one, hmmm. I can probably name lots for the opposite but I can’t think of any for this one. I’m the type of watcher who researches first on what to watch. I try to make sure I’m going to like what I’m going to watch. If I think it’s shit, then it probably won’t be good, and therefore never going to be brilliant. I do give second chances but I haven’t watched any yet that really made a 360 degrees turn around from shit to brilliant. I already probably heard from somebody that it became good midway thus the reason why I watched it. I hardly experiment and just watch random terribad anime(s).

5) Your hardest aniblogging assignment till now? (Change of questions for commentors: Your hardest anime watch ever?)*

Hmm? I haven’t experienced such thing due to my low participation rate to whatever carnivals or round robins that exist in the aniblogosphere.

— And that concludes this game! The fun is enough so I must now return to writing non filler posts! Thank you so much for everyone who were part of the exchange that happened. To my readers, hopefully answering some of these questions made you all know more about the me as if people really cared, but yeah~


image credits: pixiv user Kiri

  1. Eri Uri says: September 11, 20125:03 am

    Do you like "Happy Tree Friends" or did you choose the images at random?

    I also like kuuderes a lot. They're like tsunderes who take "tsun-ing" seriously and don't start acting cutesy and all in the middle. Actually, tsunderes are extremely annoying; kuuderes are not. Onee-sans aren't half bad either but that's only when they act like onee-sans. They are calm and composed and always have a smart thing or two to say. Sometimes they may even turn to philosophies.

    Surprisingly, we're exactly the same when it comes to highschool~!
    My recent post The Essence Of Quality

    • foomafoo says: December 25, 20128:30 pm

      I used HTF in the previous post so I thought I should use it as well since the post's basically a continuation of that. I like the concept that they are made into anime characters but not really the show itself.

      Who wouldn't love Onee-sans :3? Most of them just have the tendency to silently snap and then you're dead.

      Merry Christmas Eri!! haha so late for a reply.

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