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Intermission: Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

This ruckus was started by Iso. Please blame the guy if you are being bombarded with lots of tags! (^~^;)ゞ You can read about it in full detail here. The general idea of this game is to answer the five questions of the blogger who tagged you and pass around your very own set of questions to other bloggers. So, yeah I’m part of this as agreed with Iso to act as a starter for the 5 bloggers he’ll be tagging.

I should be writing legit posts but I hope I can entertain you guys for the meantime!

1) What is/are your favourite anime(s)? Why?

The three would be Karekano, Dennou Coil and Tatami Galaxy but the top one would really be Karekano.

I really like the flow of its story and the theme of personalities, added with the excellent direction by Hideaki Anno. I like as well the fact that I could somehow identify with the characters. I don’t know, the series is just captivating in a way that I couldn’t explain it clearly. The way the introspection is inserted in a scene, how the character think, the sound that is being used, the character development and how the story progresses, the whole dialogue between the characters… All of it are just… WATCH IT. I don’t think I have seen yet a school life anime that I’d say better than Karekano. (note: school, not university)

2) What is/are your favourite anisongs?

These are just some:

Suneohair – Akai Coat ; Split
Kalafina – Manten
Long Shot Party – Ano Hi Time Machine
Bump of Chicken – Karma
marina – Crow Song
Round Table ft. Nino – Puzzle
May’n  – Diamond Crevasse

3) Do you like Vocaloid? If so, who is/are your favourites? And your favourite song(s) is/are? If not, why?

I am indifferent when it comes to Vocaloid most of the time but I sometimes like the sound that Gumi produces because I believe she possesses the voice that’s relatively similar to a human compared to the rest. I really like a lot of Vocaloid songs though when they are sang by Utaites. These are the songs I like although maybe it’s bec its the utaite’s voice already that I heard when I listened to the songs: World’s End Dancehall, Eh? Ah, sou, Meltdown, Heisei Democracy, Yowamushi Montblanc, Mosaic Role, and Cantarella.

4) Have you ever been to Japan? If yes, please share your experience. If no, where would you go if you had a chance to visit Japan?

No, but I have this imaginary list on what places I’d like to see if ever I get to visit: Cape Soya – The very north part of Hokkaido (H&C) ; Odaiba – Fuji TV building! ; Koshien stadium ; Tokyo Tower ; Sunshine City Aquarium; Okinawa. I’d love to see as well the city where Haruhi was based.

5) What are your hobbies outside of anything related to anime, manga, visual novels and blogging?

UHHHH… Light novels?

Well, aside from those, I’d probably say gaming. I am so deprived of games lately though because first, I don’t have the latest consoles for those kind of games, and second I don’t have a properly (by properly I mean, one that can handle the processing and graphics) working PC for the online games/pc platform games. I haven’t even tried Skyrim yet!!! Wait what, did I just hear you say that it’s related to anime and manga? NO.


Now, the people that I’ll be tagging are: Bass, Eri, klux, anaaga and kyokai.

These are the questions, and my answers:

1.) Out of all the comments from all the posts in your blog, which one is your favorite and why. Name the person responsible for the comment of course.

>> I’d say this comment by ojisan. It’s always nice to have someone who also likes Yukino and — a non-blogger too (I think)! Note how he even searched Google to answer my spam filter question just to comment ;_;

2.) Name a trope that you wish you would hardly ever see again (or at least in lesser amount) in an anime. Why?

>> The parental abandonment trope, especially for anime where the central characters are high school students. I get it if it’s really the case but some anime are intentionally cutting out these kind of scenes even though the parents are existent. Take for example K-on! — They only showed the parents in the movie, when all this time, they were there. I am not aware of the statistics on Japanese parents that are working in a different area way far from their families but this is just way too deliberate. I mean, I also want some character development pitched in because of the parents’ presence.

3.) If ever an opportunity shows up where you’re asked to blog, and at the same time, earn something from it in exchange of doing posts about merchandise, would you do it? Why?

>> No. I won’t probably do such thing. This blog is personal. I didn’t make it for business of some sort. I was never expecting any income to get from it when I started doing so. Also, I always try to write what I really want to not simply because a third party asked me to. Of course, my doors are open to a writing career but I’d like to write something and get paid for it. Not get paid for to write it. Got it?

4.) Tell all, if not, some of the fandoms you think you’re quite into compared to an average viewer, anime or not.

>> Aria, AoEx, Digimon, Detective Conan, Daa! Daa! Daa!, SAO, Drrr!!, Index, Code Geass (enough to make me watch that senseless Nunnally OVA), Tatami Galaxy, Dennou Coil, H&C, Karekano, Natsume Yuujinchou, Spice and Wolf, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Persona 3/4,  etc.!

5.) Your favorite DEAD character and why.

>> Uncle Kariya… Well, watch Fate/Zero… Just like how Takeuchi-sensei himself phrased it, he’s the chuunibyou hero of the story.


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  1. Iso says: August 19, 201210:39 pm

    Nice post!

    My Comments:

    – Your top 3 favourite animes are all classics, but unfortunately I have yet to watch them. I'll get to them sometime, definitely.

    – Did you just mention you wanted to see the city where Haruhi was based? Well, I just happen to have the answer for you: it's the city of Nishinomiya, in the Hyougo prefecture. See here and here.

    – What you said about the lack of presence of parents in anime instantly reminded me of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. When representatives of the Time-Space Administration Bureau went to meet Nanoha's parents asking to involve her in their missions, they were like "oh, ok" without expressing any concern about potential dangers and Nanoha's safety.

    – Also, the same goes for me: I'd prefer to write about what I want (and get paid if possible) rather than write something for pay.

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself!
    My recent post You should watch this. The girl wakes up one morning and she has a … wang.

    • foomafoo says: September 9, 20129:03 am

      If there's a classic among the three, it's only Kare Kano. I think the other two are fairly new XD

      I really don't like how parent involvement in some anime(s) are convenient. Such bad parenting.

  2. Mint says: August 25, 201210:04 am

    Poor Kariya… ;_; It took about 2 minutes for me to feel so bad/root for the guy. I thought he'd die off pretty early in F/Z but then there's just prolonging the inevitable 🙁

    • foomafoo says: September 9, 20128:59 am

      I didn't like his choices at all in the Grail war but I do like his reason to fight. The other guys are just too preposterous. Was spoiled already that Berserker/Saber fight would happen quite before the end so I've been rooting on Kariya all the while during the first season because I know he'll see through the S1's final ep, haha.

  3. @KyokaiTM says: September 8, 20123:11 am

    Damn, I forgot to add Suneohair's Akai Coat – most of the Arakawa Under the Bridge OP/ED were pretty good. Also, about time for me to watch Dennou Coil too.
    My recent post Third time’s the charm for Aniblogger Interrogation Game

    • foomafoo says: September 9, 20128:55 am

      haha, Venus to Jesus actually annoyed me a lot at the beginning. There's no debate though on how good Suneohair's EDs for Arakawa are. Yes, watch Dennou Coil!

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