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12 Moments of 2011 – Day 1: The Fractale System

I believe that I have one post sitting in the drafts which was supposed to be about Fractale, and to be specific, the Fractale System itself. Since I lost the motivation to actually continue the post (who knows if it’ll rise from the graveyard), I thought I should at least mention it here. And no, this post isn’t a rant of what it has become. After all, 12 moments is supposed to outline the best parts of what happened throughout the year. 

After I saw a glimpse of the concept art, I compelled myself to watch Fractale. But above all else, I was totally drawn in by the idea of post-scarcity since I’m pretty much a major in Economics. I rarely encounter concepts that’s under the umbrella of Economics (or at least the obvious ones) except Spice and Wolf, [C], and this one.

Regardless of the plot, I totally enjoyed the setting of Fractale. The first episodes really tickled my brain with “what if” situations. I especially find parental abandonment, on the case of Clain, interesting despite the existence of the so-called doppels as a proxy for his parents. I don’t really treat the setting as futuristic because I doubt such society would exist but given these conditions, would parents really leave their kid living near the cliff in pursuit of their own happiness? I think it’s during these situations that we can see how people truly weigh their priorities in life.

We were always taught to associate the price of something to the opportunity cost attached to an activity. But that’s pretty much because everything requires a resource such as time, and it has its price. The cost of the resource reflects its scarcity. Of course, everything might be abundant but that doesn’t exactly mean you’ll be able to afford everything. This is the case with the setting of Fractale and I think it’s interesting to observe how people would adapt to this kind of environment. Everyone knows that everything is scarce, which ties the concept of how everything is priced in this world, economically speaking.

What would be your choice in life now when the world is offering you almost everything? Would you rebel and fight or succumb to the system? This is pretty much what Fractale made me thought off.

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  1. Eri Uri says: December 15, 201112:12 am

    I would succumb to rebellion and rebel against succumbtion! Not because I'm not fond of the idea of being loyal to a system that provides every comfort in the cost of substantial human interaction (quite the opposite) but because Fractale also showed how resistance to authority can be so damn cool~ Just that, ahahahahahaha… ha… ^^;
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    • foomafoo says: December 15, 20111:12 am

      true, the shallow human interaction is very apparent in such society because everyone seeks their own pleasures in life. It reeks of selfishness and detachment. In the end, everything is superficial.

      Lol, I actually find Lost Millennium lame XP

      • Eri Uri says: December 15, 20111:51 am

        Lol, Lost Millenium was indeed lame. But that doesn't stop the action of opposing to such sytem being awesome! Panicked nuns FTW!
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  2. kluxorious says: December 15, 201112:42 am

    unlike many people, I actually enjoyed Fractale, part of it was because of A-1 Pictures. I'm just biased like that. Sure the plot could have been better but in the end, it delivers something that made you think, just like your question at the end of the post.

    I would probably joined the rebellious team because I am the kind of person who gets bored easily with mundane things. I constantly need an adventure in my life.

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    • foomafoo says: December 15, 20111:03 am

      I only enjoyed it during the first part because the latter episodes felt like a hodgepodge of i don't know anymore, haha.

      I don't think Fractale System promotes mundane life, quite the opposite actually because it gives you more choices via the post-scarcity concept, but I think it has to do with the absence of challenges and drawbacks in life in such setting that would make me join the rebels.

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