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A Christmas Carol

anitaNormally, Christmas episodes would be the very jolly ones and radiates that yuletide aura everyone is expected to have during the season but R.O.D TV defies that common place in anime. It even gave us a perception of what really Christmas is all about.

It’s been a while since I’ve rewatched this certain episode of Read or Die, and I must say that it is definitely the best and touching story compared to all other Christmas episodes of other anime(s). People do tend to forget other people whenever Christmas comes since what always come to our mind would be our relatives, and the gifts that we’ll be receiving. But then, there are people who just can’t think that way during Christmas, especially those who feel they lack something.

Episode 10 is a brief story behind the Paper Sisters, and how it came to be. It was also Christmas Eve that day when Maggie and Michelle first met and became partners in a certain mission to retrieve some sort of a book in a hidden library beneath a church. They were merely doing the job, without even caring it was Christmas Eve during that day.

It was snowing that day. Anita was waiting patiently inside the abandoned church, helplessly clutching her ragged clothing, to at least keep herself warm. She was hoping that someone would show up to take her away, and the hunger she feels.

Would that certain meeting among the three of them have been similar to what it is now if it wasn’t Christmas Eve that day? I doubt. Just like what I’ve said, Read or Die, I think it is the only one so far that has conveyed another meaning of Christmas amongst other anime. Christmas is the time to share anything you’ve got. It must be one of the reasons why Maggie and Michelle decided to go back and fetch Anita from the church, even though they did said no, when Anita tried asking if she could tag along, even if they were some sort of “thieves”.

Was the “founding” of the Paper Sisters detrimental only to Anita? to Michelle? or was it for Maggie? The answer is undoubtedly no. All of them filled what was lacking from everyone else. Both Michelle and Maggie was longing for someone they could share their melancholy and hollowness while Anita has been longing for someone who could harbor that feeling of concern towards her. It was all because that they decided to join forces and establish the Paper Sisters, that they finally filled some gaps in their lives.

It is about time, that we realize that Christmas episodes are not just about the male protagonist buying that certain gift for the girl he likes, with all those part-time jobs he took just to save up and finally buy the gift. I’m not saying that that concept of Christmas is mistaken because the concept of giving and sharing is there, it’s just that, we see only a small portion of the whole — because there are actually people who doesn’t even have something to share, except a book, and a muffler to help someone to still feel fortunate, given their disposition in life.

Come on, Anita, don’t be so choosy now, you should be thankful that Maggie and Michelle did came back to get you. Even if the book you got won’t fill your hungry stomach. Sometimes, we do also have to be satisfied with what we have, and what we receive.

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