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Finished Series:

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

This is just a random and curious watch again but I decided to watch it until the end since my schedule is not that hectic yet. Not until now. This is your common moe show that has a twist on it having the protagonists being an otaku besides the fact that she is a known personality worldwide because of her talent in piano-playing. A knight in shining armor then arrived to befriend our character only to find out that he was responsible for giving her the first edition of Innocent Smile(Otaku Mag) and thus the reason why she developed to be an otaku. This is quite exaggerated since the main lead has a very grandiose life +++ convenient meidos… The hell, this show is very cheezy! I’m gonna die of cheezyness rather than moeness in this anime. If you love moe themed anime then go for this one.

Nodame Cantabile: Paris-hen

My much awaited anime ever since I watched it first season. This anime is just a must. Even though your nose would kinda bleed because of hearing unfamiliar music words, you’ll just love the room for comedy and all the idiosyncrasies Nodame has like the Gyabo!-s and Mukya!-s. Classical music is also one of the reasons why I don’t read its manga. Oh come on, you won’t hear a single thing from the manga… I haven’t tried it out yet but.. How would I be able to appreciate an anime about music if I’ll be reading frickin’ music sheets?(considering I don’t even also know HOW to) Animes about classical music is kinda rare so I guess I must keep an eye on this one. I’ve heard that the 3rd series would landing again next year on fall once again. Paris Arc huh? Beats me. I bet next season would still be on Paris lol. The tour to France is also great so I guess I’ll be accompanying them on their journey for a while. Paris-hen made a great character development but I just hate the fact that characters on Japan was kicked out of the show suddenly except Kuroki-kun. I hope Mine and Kasumi joins the party soon. I’d love to see some concertos soon with Chiaki and Nodame as a pair. And oh, I love the French ending in the tune of Bolero. Tres bien! lol.

Hyakko*** finished airing but lacks fansub. XD

Since this is a year end thoughts, I’ll be just basing it up to the 10th episode I have watched so far.

So why I did I decided to watch this show? Well this is another quartet of school girls which happens to have Aya Hirano as a seiyuu. I think you know now what I was thinking at that time. Since Lucky Star! made it pretty far, I presume that Hyakko would also do since it is also comedy. I don’t know where the title came from but episodes are hilarious so far. Suzu rocks! haha I love those pigtails and her tantrums when it comes to Torako and FOOD. There was no plot at all in this show but a setting only where everything is episodic and damn unrelated sometimes. So far, I haven’t seen any interactions with Torako’s sister so I don’t know if this would have a 2nd season. The show is also very stereotypical based on the animals that composed the zodiac signs + some unrelated (like ghost and cat)

  1. rollchan says: February 8, 200912:58 am

    Kure-nai is da best anime I’ve watched last summer ’08. 🙂

    I’m really impressed with Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice acting. From Senkouji Hagino in Blue Drop to Tsugumi Aoba in Kannagi. I mean, wow. hehe. I really didn’t know that she voiced Shinkuro Kurenai in Kure-nai till I checked ANN for the credits. LOL!


  2. foomafoo says: February 8, 200910:41 am

    Wah, I didn’t expected that since I never really focused in the credits. Anyway, I think all the main characters did a great job in voice acting prior to the short filler opera episode.

    I’d love to see more of this anime since the light novel is still ongoing.

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