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World Destruction

T_T. I overestimated this anime. To my dismay, it rendered me doubtful of all RPG spin offs (except Tales who does an exact adaptation of the game). I suppose you already know what I meant with my introductory sentences… This anime failed my high expectations. Or was it my fault that my expectations were high? Well I don’t know I really thought this anime would turn out good since Production IG would be the one doing the job plus Mamoru Miyano & Maaya Sakamoto took the job! Who would not thought that this is a well-funded and well-organized anime? I guess I’ve been fooled by the main cast and therefore, I will now solely base my assumptions with solely the plot and plot only. Well Sega really got it wrong if they think they’ll get a boost on their sales even though they made a spin off anime out of profit. Haha, they thought good seiyuus + good production company + not so good spin off would still = to a success. Hahaha… guess not. Well the lesson is already learned and that is not to get your hopes so high when it is a spin off of a RPG. It is still mediocre. Still fun to watch when you are bored and sleepy. Just don’t forget to wake up when it is episode 10 already ü.

Birdy Decode

This is fun to watch even though you can see a lot of alien oriented shows in the air. I don’t know but maybe people just differs with the shows that they like and I guess that is a fact. This show originated from an OVA which never really got attention during the release so they decided to make a retelling in a series mode. Maybe the name just got me curious? Well I don’t make a fuss over it now that since I liked the first episode Haha. Well the protagonist just got his body ripped apart by Birdy ^^V. I hate the part where Tute got killed 🙁 He is the only comic relief in the show yet he was kicked out of the show immediately right after 4 episodes… Since there would be a sequel this winter, let’s see how the story would unravel next season.

  1. rollchan says: February 8, 200912:58 am

    Kure-nai is da best anime I’ve watched last summer ’08. 🙂

    I’m really impressed with Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice acting. From Senkouji Hagino in Blue Drop to Tsugumi Aoba in Kannagi. I mean, wow. hehe. I really didn’t know that she voiced Shinkuro Kurenai in Kure-nai till I checked ANN for the credits. LOL!


  2. foomafoo says: February 8, 200910:41 am

    Wah, I didn’t expected that since I never really focused in the credits. Anyway, I think all the main characters did a great job in voice acting prior to the short filler opera episode.

    I’d love to see more of this anime since the light novel is still ongoing.

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