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Macross Frontier

I have never been across any Macross animes before unlike my brother who was able to watch the very first one and witness the “Voltron, Voltes V – like” theme so I didn’t bothered since I’m kind of sick already of that theme. Anyway, Macross Frontier… I’m certainly not very very interested to this series not until I see some great screen caps from Omni-senpai. Hmm, I guess my interest was piqued when I saw Sheryl among the characters. I was hesitant at first but my brother as what I have mentioned got the chance to watch the old school Macross during his childhood and I wonder if he got nostalgic when he once again saw the title. Looks like we’ve got no choice… *watches* — Okay… Then that was the start of our last song syndrome throughout the season. Of course, I think nobody didn’t listened, downloaded all those OP, ED and insert songs from Macross F. I bet Nipponsei became crowded for a few days because it is one of the early sites that uploaded the songs upon release.

Story wise, I don’t think you can count in Macross Frontier as one the greatest. As we all know, Macross has its own universe so some new audience might be dumbfounded once they hear things such as Protoculture and Deculture. I also don’t know the meaning of those terms so don’t count me in as a fervent audience. For every series, my brother noted that there is always a new race/species that is opposing to the humans and thus seek their destruction. It has always been the theme of Macross. The theme of the having the humans, if not the Earth, being regarded by these new race/species as a threat or nuisance to the vast universe… As a whole, I find this show very enjoyable and entertaining due to the catchy phrases(Kira!) and songs care of Yoko Kanno. This show is one of those shows I always look forward to every week. I guess you can’t judge a new series through the past installments because there is always a room for a change. For now, I’m anticipating for the movie they will be releasing this summer of 2009.


Kurenai, sounds like an anime that has something to do with ninjas and such eh? Hahaha, that’s what I thought at the beginning. It is also an anime I didn’t looked forward to upon announcement since this was premiered around Spring and I am still a newbie that time (up until now) so I wasn’t aware that such awesome anime is already being aired. I watched this show after it has finished being aired but I don’t download yet during those days to do some reviews so I went to veoh since crunchyroll doesn’t have it.

I love this series and it might just fall in my top 5. This anime don’t really call that much attention. Perhaps, it was me who was caught among all other viewers to watch this show after reading some things about an “evil tradition”. I am still amidst my learning materials when I’m still a high school so I kind of remember a similar piece parallel to Murasaki’s situation. I already made post about Kurenai months ago so you could just view it at your own accord. That piece really surprised me a little during the discussion so I remembered its title. I’m not sure if this kind of tradition existed in Japan but surely in Indonesia(specifically Java) based the piece I have read. The anime might be a little bit unrealistic because of blades sticking out of elbows(I guess ninjas really are related) and some fictional martial arts but the anime was able to give much more focus with the drama and thought of the story. The resolution left me a sad but fulfilled emotions.

  1. rollchan says: February 8, 200912:58 am

    Kure-nai is da best anime I’ve watched last summer ’08. 🙂

    I’m really impressed with Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice acting. From Senkouji Hagino in Blue Drop to Tsugumi Aoba in Kannagi. I mean, wow. hehe. I really didn’t know that she voiced Shinkuro Kurenai in Kure-nai till I checked ANN for the credits. LOL!


  2. foomafoo says: February 8, 200910:41 am

    Wah, I didn’t expected that since I never really focused in the credits. Anyway, I think all the main characters did a great job in voice acting prior to the short filler opera episode.

    I’d love to see more of this anime since the light novel is still ongoing.

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