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Wild ARMs 5 – Sad :(

wild arms 5Hmm, I haven’t visited this blog of mine because I was busy of one thing. That is to finish Wild ARMs 5…

Yeah, I have already blogged it once before because I wrote here that my bro will bring the PS2 with him when he’ll go overseas. That is the reason why I was rushing to finish it. Thank goodness I made it. He plans to go this August he said… huhuhu… Goodbye PS2… 🙁 Well enough of that.

Spoiler Alert!

Wild ARMs 5 is really depressing 🙁 . Avril’s ending was indeed very depressing of all heroine I’ve seen. Her fate was to repeat and repeat the process of her entering the cold sleep, waking up, entering the cold sleep and so on. The present Avril said that Avril had already accepted her fate right after she remembered her memories and that’s just too sad… Her fate was to suffer in cycle…

This “tear” when Avril and Dean first met is also bugging me when it always come across the topic…  The name “DEAN” was also the name you should type at the Baskar’s Temple to enter and I don’t think that it is just a mere coincidence. The part where Ice Queen was also confronted gives me the puzzle in mind what the hell is happening. The cut scenes at that part are very vague and I didn’t understand until I saw the ending o_O . The one that sacrificed to return the time convergence was Avril herself which cause her to travel back 12,000 years ago right before she enters the cold sleep. Since history is repeating itself, I bet she already made several round trips. That was the reason why she shed a tear when she said that she saw Dean “again”. That word always keep popping around when Avril is speaking and it gives me the creeps what really happened in the past. I’m having hunches about Avril when she tried to put her medium on one of the temples that project one’s memoirs. It’s as if she had experienced being with the party for a long time. At first, I though Dean and the others were the reincarnation of Avril’s past friends. But then, the clues that Rebecca’s diary gave helped me a lot to predict such sad ending… Her narration is very reflective and I can immediately sense that something is wrong.


The picture above depicts Avril entering the cold slumber once again-- 🙁

The ending was good and very dramatic. The plot was also great and the game was not that difficult to beat. The character development is clearly portrayed on every  cheezy cut scenes. It would be more enjoyable though if these cut scenes were voice acted. I also liked the background musics played along with the final part of the game. I was only sad that they were lazy to voice act the ending part. If only they voice act the ending part, I think more people would appreciate the ending.

I’m also curious what happened to the other companions of Dean (Greg, Carol and Chuck). Their endings were not shown but I think theirs are pretty happy I guess, except Greg’s because he won’t be able to turn back the lives of his wife and son.

Too bad this is the first time I ever played a Wild ARMs so I won’t be able to compare it to the other installments. Overall, I liked the game because of the ending. The producers are also creative to create difficult puzzles(yeah, I used a walkthrough so I will make it on time.) Sadly, I only unlocked the New Game+ . I wasn’t able to buy any equipment at the black market. I wasn’t able to get their ultimate bullets. The game is already easy to beat without it. I’d like to see the unique outfits though. I also didn’t do any side quests but I ended up at lvl 95 when I fought the final boss which I think overkill since the boss is just lvl 70. Happy playing maties. I’m sorry too if I spoiled your game play~ 😛 . But believe me, this game is worth it.

I’m also planning to play the previous installments if I’ll be given the time.

  1. blissmo says: August 3, 20084:53 pm

    Good pics + you love it: I’m so gonna play this when its the holiday, if I remember, that is lols

  2. Zack says: July 4, 201311:30 am

    So I came to Youtube to see the ending because I couldn’t finish this

    game. (My PS2 broken) And I almost shed a tear when I’m seeing the

    ending T_T

    It’s just sad to see her repeating the cycle over and over again and

    she just accept it. What I’m really curious is when she mentioned that

    she’ll meet Dean again! And yeah I agree with you especially at the

    ending part, they should voice the ending part.

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