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Hmm. Persona 3. I already saw this RPG at the top of charts before I played it but it never really caught my attention because I got annoyed at the Shin Megami — wut? Never heard of that…

Anyway, here is my play time record:

Lv 90 ; 97hrs and 18 mins.

Persona Equipped: Melchiezedek (Max Justice Arcana)

Weapon: Evil Gloves.

So far, this is the longest RPG I have ever played. Tales of Abyss only took me 65+ hours while Wild Arms Vth Vanguard took me 70+ hours. Considering the “average” game play of that RPG is 100hrs, I still think that I must have played longer than that if and only if I’ve decided to level up all my allies around my level. My “final” party against Nyx was Aigis, Yukari and Mitsuru. Well, they are all girls and I should have included Junpei if only I did not took into consideration Yukari’s adeptness in healing and other recovery stuffs.

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Singer: Yukana (Tear’s Seiyuu)

Okay, Guess what! I managed to find the full version of Tear’s Hymn. This hymn is composed of her seven individual hymns in accordance with each fonons XD. Grand Fonic Hymn is what it is called once it is sang continuously.

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Okay, let me write something about this game. Okay, I’ll admit that I played this game out of excitement because I found out that it would later be adapted into an anime. I actually never paid any attention to any of the Tales Collection since I had a hard time playing the first(Tales of Phantasia) so I quit the idea but then I was persuaded to do so 😀 . After watching three episodes of Tales of the Abyss anime, I decided to play and I got puzzled when the dialogues and the subtitle that the gg uses is quite same in the choice of words! I was convinced that they must have been playing the game as well as fansubbing the anime at the same time.

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Hisashiburi everyone! My midterms is finally finished!

Anyway, I’ve got something new here :D. Okay, I know everyone knows the new anime for the RPG Tales of the Abyss right? Since I’m planning to watch it regularly, I also tried to play the RPG at the same time (I guess I’m 2 episodes far now if the anime would follow the RPG’s plot) Anyway, I think it is very cool hahaha. I guess I can compare now between the anime and the RPG which piques me more. Also, I’m very very ashamed of what I have posted about the first 2 episodes of Tales of the Abyss and all the talk about the introduction I’ve seen. The introduction I’ve seen with the boat was actually Suikoden 4/5 and I got it mixed with Tales of the Abyss. Tales of the Abyss game also have intrumental opening theme unlike the anime’s which has the lyrics.

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wild arms 5Hmm, I haven’t visited this blog of mine because I was busy of one thing. That is to finish Wild ARMs 5…

Yeah, I have already blogged it once before because I wrote here that my bro will bring the PS2 with him when he’ll go overseas. That is the reason why I was rushing to finish it. Thank goodness I made it. He plans to go this August he said… huhuhu… Goodbye PS2… 🙁 Well enough of that.

Spoiler Alert!

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