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Considering I’ve got my own background of time traveling from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, Steins;Gate never failed to amaze me on how it constructs and deconstructs each and every building block it presented. But, there is this one thing that makes me feel iffy about Steins;Gate, and it’s the existence of predetermined events ie, Mayuri’s death, regardless of the means, not unless Okarin returns to the beta timeline. This is rather shitty in my opinion because it’s as if all the D-mails were tightly tied in order to invoke Mayuri’s death even though the original cause used to be a gunshot. Also, the dialogue of Okarin to Moeka regarding her fate to die on 8/15 was a blatant statement about predetermination. I’m not quite convinced as to why this is the case even if the show makes references to the Butterfly effect. Isn’t it quite surprising that a mere text could change and cause divergence in the timeline and yet actual change in the decision of the character outside the influence of D-mail won’t change his/her fate?

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Unlike other people who probably watched this film with prior expectations due to their very own gameplay and experience (since I assume that the main target audience of the film are the fans), I (un)fortunately do not own the console necessary to play this one so I’d say I pretty much liked the movie as a solid, stand-alone film, assuming you have never played the game itself before, or if you want it already as is, as well as if you didn’t touch the game after. But, I made a blunder… since I decided to follow the game too.

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My gameplay has been interrupted last summer and since I was busy from school work from there on, I was only able to finish P4 this Christmas break. Now, I was able to finish one among the games in my backlog.

I’ve finished Persona 3 (The Journey) just last year, also this time of year, so I can still clearly remember it to compare it to its successor, Persona 4. I think I already made a comment about this on The Fool regarding the depth of the story and the artistic choices of the production. Persona 3 is much more engaging in my opinion because I think Persona 3 has this ominous and eerier atmosphere compared to Persona 4 which only involves serial murders through the use of the Midnight Channel. Well, if if you think of it, Midnight Channel is creative, but I also think it has it’s own down side compared to Dark Hour.

Spoilers Alert!

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I was actually motivated to finally finish XF and do this post because my Wild Arms post here in the site is making quite a traffic. And just so people who view my posts would be updated, as of November 24, 2009, Wild Arms 6 is just a rumor.

And so, let’s continue with this review of Wild Arms XF.

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This is my second playthrough so I already know the knack of the game and how to do things faster. The game’s idea and plot is rather childish compared to the main FF instalments since it involves being “spirited away” to a game which is ironically also called “Final Fantasy.” Alta oron sondus kameela. *snap* and Ivalice turned into a big country. Meanwhile, Marche started to find his way back home while encountering at the same his friends whom doesn’t want to forsake the given chance to live in their “dream world.”

Of course since this is made for a Gameboy Advance, there is nothing much to expect about the graphics and other stuffs but I guess they still made a good game even though there are restrictions.

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