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Well for some reason, I got offended by this phrase. I actually originally heard it from my professor in English and what we were talking about was Reading Strategies. The notes were avoid the following: 1.) Being a passive reader, 2.) The television habit, 3.) The untouched book habit and 4.) The highlighter habit. Well obviously, I’ll try to talk about no. 2, the television habit.

I am really really wondering why the hell my teacher called the television an idiot box so I tried raising a question out of my curiousity or maybe you could call it stupidity. I said, “Ma’am what about watching television but also reading subtitles at the same time, you also do critical thinking right?” — Well, expect the answer of the close-minded people, of course they’ll deny the fact that television is also an educational gadget, of course to those who utilize its extent. I’m actually watching subs so the question is really relevant to my situation. My teacher bluntly said that it doesn’t matter if there is subtitles because television offers you all from thinking to imagination so that causes you not to think at all and there was I mumbling — Are you saying I don’t learn something from watching slice of life and drama genre animes!??!

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And yes… I have finished Kure-nai because I was intrigued when I saw it weeks ago on several anime blogs.

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Hmm, probably almost anyone who watches anime knows what Sunrise is. It is an Anime Producer Company. They are very notable for their trademark works. That is MECHAS. Mechas is a genre of anime which has something to do with robots, might it be humanoid or whatever in any sense. Gundam is the very example of that they’ve done many series of Gundams already and they haven’t get tired yet of robot designs. I don’t know how they do researches but their group really is something. They can come up with something spectacular that has something to do with robots and war. Maybe these guys are just war-mongers. Code Geass on the other hand deals with rebellion. You really can notice similarity with the animes that they produce and make.

There is not mecha? Ah yes, that is InuYasha. Even so, it involves fist-fighting and “Vengeance” to Naraku. They are quite violent, no?

Anyway, let’s get to the topic. Maybe Sunrise decided to break their culture. They decided to make Code Geass because they saw Death Note relished by the viewers because of its JUSTICE concept. Now they tried to make an anime to break the ice that does parodies just like Lucky Star which grabbed many otakus out there. (not that it’s moe though.)

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World Destruction

For those who don’t know the series yet, it is better to read my first post about this anime because it has the brief introduction than what I’m going to tell here.

Well, because I don’t see too many interested, then I’ll do it on my own… I’ve wanted to do this right after the very first airing of episode 1 but there were no fansubbers and I’m not sooo fluent to understand several Jap words to just watch the raw vids.

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This news is pretty alarming… The long trial has been into its judgement today.

If that is what it is called… Copyright infringement… Then what do you call the images we see at Google Images, Anime Wallpaper and MyOtaku??? I think that also counts as a copyright infringement… Just what the heck is wrong with file sharing??? I think they must use the term copyright infringement if and only if they have seen someone profiting from such thing[but is there?].

I don’t think this will affect the people in the long run. Well, I’m happy for that but his imprisonment is just for nothing… What will they achieve? Would the uploaders/ file sharers stop?

The law is just so ambiguous.

Japan’s Copyright Law prohibits unauthorized uploaders but expressly allows people to download for private use. The Japanese government is pushing a ban on unauthorized downloads as well, despite receiving thousands of messages from citizens opposing the ban.

What’s the use of authorized uploaders if unathorized downloading is not allowed?

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