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First of all, I have a bad habit and that would be reading the manga of an anime still being aired once I find it good. In this case, it’s Cross Game of Mitsuru Adachi.

Okay, now now, I think my perspective towards baseball animes have changed a lot when I started reading Cross Game. For a certain, I’m looking for the drama and romance in this anime but what comes a long with that is my unexpected inclination towards the sport itself the anime is all about.

Now who’s going to tell me that baseball anime is NOT an overrated genre? There is the spontaneous Major, a gambling and strategical approach from One Outs and the typical highschool Ookiku Furikabutte. Baseball is always around the corner whenever we talk about school sport clubs in anime.

Isn’t it annoying to just keep on watching the endless invincibility of the famous ace pitcher of the team? Well, often as we know, it’s the usual scene. A heavy air surrounds the baseball field whether it is the Koshien, ordinary or even international. The next scene would be the deciding moment whether the pitch gets hit or not. The ball curves to the right or left, whatever many possibilities…

What caught my attention from Cross Game would be the drama of course. Cross Game has a tear jerking story right at its first volume, Seasons of Wakaba. I’m also touched when Koh didn’t knew at first what he must do right after that certain event. I think the author was very successful in conveying that thought of innocence among children during tender age whenever somebody dies.

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kiss under the tree...in the nyt of eclipse...?

Exclusive Entry for Valentines~! XD

I’m sure almost all anime(s) have this kind of legend from folklore to just rumors. Well I’d like to comment on the anime(s) usually featuring this kind of story… Not that I’m fed up already since it is actually romantic or rather funny to believe in. It’s so interesting how the imagination of humans kick in out of nowhere.

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Because of the latest ramblings I kept on seeing because of lurking to several anime blogs(like THAT), I  kept on encountering this certain topic about team blogging and team blogs itself.

I find the picture above from my compendium of stolen artworks from (pixiv as usual). Anyway, I think I can explain what composes the team blogs through the use of the LS picture.

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Who cares about crunchyroll anyway? I think I just learned about this site last year when my classmate(who is a animefan just like me) introduced it to me. I should be the one who knows it but since I’ve been downloading lotsa from fansubbers and all over the net, I haven’t bother to check out streaming sites XD. Yes, not until the hard disk of my computer sought salvation due to lack of free space. (Anyway, the anime introduced to me was Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei which I still haven’t watched up until now LOL.)

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I think all viewers are informed of the latest gag among the names of the characters of the Gundam 00 S2. The one at left is the old version and I’m NOT the one who certainly drew that caricature. Anyway, I’m also watching Gundam 00 S2 just to inform everyone and I just can’t help but comment to this… First, Regene Regetta. Hmm, okay? So what’s so odd about it? Second, Healing Care. Uhm, I guess it’s somewhat clear now? Third, Revive Revival… Okay, There’s a Pharmacy (Marie Parfacy), Hospital (Healing Care) and a Graveyard this time? Looks like the drawing at the left could be fill out with infrastructures this time! Episode 10 introduced Anew Returner for everyone… Hmmm, still a pun but pretty decent for a Celestial Being member. Bring Stability… Perfect! Now the establishment would be constructed. Anyway, I’m so annoyed with the names yet I just can’t help but laugh out loud when I’m hearing their sickening names… XD

Allelujah’s name is the very very obvious of all puns and yet they are still not sick of it. They even explained why it was Allelujah and the Haptism surname being an anagram for the day he was baptized since he doesn’t have a name til he met Marie…[oops, spoiler…]

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