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Looking back, I merely watched this series because it gave off that Higurashi vibes from the trailer. If I’ll be assessing it right now, I think I was gravely mistaken. It is far from similar to Higurashi. Also, I was 100% surprised that this anime had something to do with vampires. I totally had no clue that the author was Fuyumi Ono, and that she was responsible for Twelve Kingdoms and Ghost Hunt.

I like Shiki because there’s no drawn line between the bad and good guys (or maybe according to Izaya’s favorite quote, between those who are tedious and charming) but I hated the moral hazard of the story. It will confuse you into which side between the humans and shikis you should be siding with. As a viewer it was hard for me to decide. Each side had their own reasons. My only question was…

How come no one among them even considered the idea of co-existence? (regardless of it being cliche)

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Other than the cute microbes we get to see from Moyashimon, and very educational facts about fermentation, we also witnessed Tadayasu’s and other characters’ struggle in their interpersonal relationships such as Hasegawa. Her statement on how a person is judged struck me the most.

“When others judge you, they judge you based on your abilities. That’s why everyone is working so hard.”

I have to agree on that on some part, although Hasegawa is also missing something here. I’m glad that throughout the character development, all that’s missing was filled in.

Call it petty or trivial but personality does really count at times. It would probably be the greatest mistake that Hasegawa could commit if she thinks only those who have the greatest abilities could achieve the greatest things in life. To put it in simpler terms, a human resource manager does not merely look at your credentials when they hire you.

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Here goes the obligatory Christmas post! Merry Christmas to everyone, more importantly to all my readers (or lurkers) and anime bloggers out there! Here’s something from me so my blog will show some life signs XP. Yes, I’m still alive here and I’m actually finishing Persona 3 Portable right now as a female protagonist. I haven’t played it since September so yeah… there.

There’s actually one post sitting in the drafts about Tales of Vesperia since I’ve finished it (you’ll understand soon) recently too but I’m delaying the publication until next year.

Some Updates/ Goals for this Christmas break:
Moyashimon and Shiki entries SOON.
Ao no Exorcist (manga) entry
Finish Trapeze, Tatami Galaxy and Aoi Bungaku, and probably some insightful entries.
Get back on that certain episode of Kaiba about the utopian planet for that certain entry as well.
Oh, and probably a Panty and Stocking w/ GB entry too!

I hope I’ll be able to write some “Moments of 20xx” for next year. December is just a busy month for a college student like me.

Apologies for anime bloggers I haven’t replied to in the comments or blogs I haven’t visited for so long already. T^T

That’s it for now folks! Thank you for still dropping by at TV and enjoy the Holidays! 🙂

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In the previous post about 5cm per Second, it was discussed how emotional distance manifested in the two characters: Tohno and Akira.  A factor that greatly affected this is their physical distance. It is possible that their physical distance caused them to think that their relationship and their emotions has no space for their not-so-feasible long distance relationship.

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Senjougahara, based from the beginning of her arc, has quite isolated herself from the rest of the people due to her unique circumstance of losing her weight and if we would probably look back, she has become a cold character, especially if you’ll observe the way she speaks as well as her initial actions when Araragi found out her circumstance. That isolation should have altered some emotional mechanism inside her– but it looks like, it didn’t.

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