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yuukiIt’s been a while since I’ve shed buckets of tears because of an anime… I’d say the ending of the anime left me awe-stricken. I didn’t knew where to place myself if such thing would happen as well to myself.

Hardships and obstacles are common place in life and these would test our mettle and on how we view life itself. Death of a loved one is one of these setbacks that might hinder us from progressing forward, but then again it might be an event as well that would help us go forward. It is just a matter of our choices, and as for Mirai, I’m glad she was able to overcome that reproachful feeling that she herself might have caused Yuuki’s death.

Sometimes, there are moments when what matters most is always the present, whatever might have happened during the past. Just like how Mirai’s parents took into consideration the fact that she made it alive is already noteworthy. This perspective doesn’t necessarily tells us to abandon and forget what happened on us during the past because all those things we picked up along the path have their own purpose, which is why we got from where we are now. Same as why Yuuki stayed along Mirai’s side up until she got home and met their parents, maybe it was an allusion to Mirai’s feelings of how she treasures and cherishes all those experience and emotions she felt and learned during that short journey the three of them, Mari-san, Yuuki, and she, had went all through, all together.

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akirafumi Since it’s finished, here’s the review for the series~.

I was clueless about the series when I intended to watch it but I still watched it because I wanted a dose of slice of life anime. I didn’t even knew that it has yuri elements.

I don’t know but I just feel annoyed whenever I see entries about Fumi that regard her as a lesbian. I think I can contemplate with her situation. She was never seen with a guy and by the looks of it, she must have studied on all-girls school through out her educational career which really heightens the chance that she’ll be attracted to her same gender. I really think given the chance of meeting a guy would improve her perception to relationship and thus help her recuperate with her inclination towards the she-gender. Given this much sense, I regard her not as a lesbian but simply as an ordinary girl/lady, who haven’t graduated yet from the confusion stage of her sexual orientation.

I’ve taken a liking to A-chan because she is so impulsive towards Fumi’s feelings. She truly comprehends Fumi, which I find rather impressive even though their connection and relationship had a lapse for several years.

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The importance to us of "music" as it fade.

First, I’d like to say that the scope of the entry doesn’t necessarily describe the general setting because it may vary for every country, depending on how they value their music, culture, and most significantly, their musicians.

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This is definitely the best OVA so far of Detective Conan.

I just love the idea it introduced to the series since it can be viewed as the “bad end” for it.

The series introduces the concept of Conan/Shinichi failing in pursuing the Black Organization, in which he lived for almost 10 years already, and took the prototype antidotes for APTX4869 until he finally developed an immunity to it, implying he wasn’t able to go back to Shinichi ever again. — Which is rather confusing for me since if his current age is already the age when the old Shinichi drank the drug, then the drug he must take is useless… or was it not, if the “antidote” for the said drug is actually an aging drug. Right?

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I actually watched this show because there is a season 2 for summer. This is not a review by the way.

The setting of the show is medieval age where the economic system is mercantilism so trading goods as well as gaining a lot of profit is really the most important for the nobles and even for the church so as to gain the power over a certain city or town.

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