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goal I really derive happiness whenever I watch episodes about treasure hunting. Treasure Hunting probably is childish but I’ll admit that I like each and every episode of anime(s) that involves one. Why? Probably because it invokes a blissful feeling.

My heart pounds fast just thinking about it. It’s my desperate wish to experience a real life treasure hunt, something that’s exquisite. I’m not talking about real buried golden treasures, it’s all about the puzzle and solving it such as simple letterboxing[1] events. This is probably the reason why I enjoy Shounen Tantei-dan episodes of Detective Conan, which very few viewers find to be amusing. I do concur that those brats are damn annoying at times but puzzles are just tickling to my senses. Oh no, I’m starting to sound here like an adult deprived of playing games during his childhood. But then again, I would have been more glad if I was able to experience it during my younger days.

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I’ve always preferred slice of life anime(s) since it somehow reflects what is happening in reality, as well the things we often take for granted, exploited, and even those things that go unnoticed. Still, I’m amazed that there are two anime(s) so far that was able to relate both afterlife and life itself to produce an uncanny yet interesting series about youkais with relation to humans.

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The first thing that would enter your mind once you hear it might probably be Dennou Coil — it has some similarities in some way since they are both sci-fi animes but they’re not really that much alike in concept they want to introduce. Cencoroll is somewhat very appetizing during the very first few minutes but rather very upsetting since it somehow looked half-baked during the last few in my perception. You may want to call it open-ended if you want though.

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Imagine Breaker is somewhat cliche already if you would associate it with the the power of nullification and force negation. Is it just me or I’m seeing more of what Imagine Breaker really is? I don’t know if I’ll do make sense but I was able to think of this idea primarily because the anime talks about science as the source of the ESP power of the students. I don’t think I’d be able to think of this post if Touma is simply nullifying “magic” attacks. Also, I see an implication of why Imagine Breaker could also bring tough luck for the beholder.

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Otaku no Video is a mock documentary created by Gainax about–yes, you guessed it–Otakus! Knowing Gainax, viewers may expect a mix of animation and actual film. The interviews (the actual film) show the total opposite of what the animation part shows.

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