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Laughter, anger, worries, love, friendship, competitiveness, growth and degeneration. All of these emotions are packed within the doors of a classroom.

Most school life anime just focuses on the first five aspects. Don’t you agree?

I like animes which portray school life. Yes, whatever you want to say, even if it’s heavily cliche already. Then again, one thing that I see them overlook is this aspect of tight competition in the school. We often see anime such as Toradora! where the focus is actually romance and comedy. The academic standings of the characters weren’t really given the focus. GTO, meanwhile focuses on the issues of the students, primarily bullying and delinquents, but not whether these characters are studious and bright.

Okay, what I want to talk about here is this competition of the characters in terms of grades. Just thinking about this topic reminds me of Special A, since the it’s the primary gripe of the female lead, being the second — But I haven’t watched it so — so much for that. Maho(Kare Kano), is basically the same — It’s just that she was overwhelmed by this helpless feeling of defeat.

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Despite the criticisms that Sora no Woto has been receiving regarding its character designs, I really don’t know why a lot of people gives too much focus on it. Actually, out of all the characters, it’s only from Filicia that I get Mugi’s vibes, while other do not really reflect any other similarities towards Yui and the others. One reason as well on why I really don’t see K-ON! girls from Sora no Woto is that they didn’t really gave that much of an impact, something enough to discern them apart from just any other character, although of course yes, they are iconic, but that’s different if you view them as regards to personality or such.

I was also rather perturbed by the idea of trumpet during the first episodes, actually even up until now. I doubt you would be able hear the sound from it if you’ll be hearing it alongside firing cannons and explosions.

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I do think you guys know who these two are, of course, it’s Kyoko from Skip Beat! and Yukino from Kare Kano. Who wouldn’t recognize such difference between these two strong female leads? One who gets a shiver of pleasure from the attention and praises of other people while the other one abhors the whole existence of intimacy and affection from other people.

Well basically, I think the bottom line is what they get from living off from the opinions of others or/and disregarding them.

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I don’t know if I still have to explain the mechanics, but basically, several filanibloggers have decided to draw lots of anime(s) that has 13 episodes or/and lesser such as OVAs, and we have to blog it, to generate some sort of discussion. I was assigned to post the first entry — and yes I got Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.

Ugh, what should I talk about this show? I really didn’t expect myself to blog about this show, but here I go with my ramblings.

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I don’t know if it was so coincidental but I do think Karekano’s concept of personality facet based on Yukino is somewhat the same to that of Persona 4’s concept of shadow.

Kare Kano is probably one of my favorite old anime(s) around during my childhood, but I’d say I only liked it because of the comedy. Now that I’ve rewatched it, I don’t think Karekano is just qualified as a good anime just because of its comedy, but also because of its psychological concept. I also consider its depiction of relationship as one of the good ones.

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