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Gurren Lagann

Kaiba is strange. I guess that would be the best adjective that could describe it for me. With the way that the characters were drawn, I never expected it would have serious connotations with regards to reality. Of course, the mere fact that it discusses the concept of memories already made me so fascinated on what could its plot be. But, let me toss aside that concept for the meantime and let me talk about the title itself of the entry. (Let me talk about memories on the next post! )

Okay, let me first introduce you to the Dualistic Dependence Theory. It is an economic theory which states that the existence of poor and the rich (non-poor) is inevitable and poverty could never be erased from the face of the earth.

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guren laggan

Yay! I finished another mecha anime!

Yeah, it really is something even though it is under mecha stuff.

I thought Kamina is the hero of this anime because he seems very famous on the forums and everywhere. I didn’t knew that such event could happen. I’m actually always annoyed by what he says like “Believe in yourself! Not you, who i believe in. Not me, who believes in you. Believe in you.. who believes in himself!”

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