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Yue is very reliable in terms of strategic planning in combats. This would be very useful for Negima! I can’t wait to see a big battle just like in Mahora Festival Tournament. Her artifact is just so useful as if she is carrying a bunch of walkthroughs and FAQs. Quite fitted for someone so hooked with books. Still, I feel sad for her because she lost her memories.

On the other hand, I think the disclosure of Asuna’s past is drawing near.

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adeat Looks like I’ll be rooting now for someone else… Hahaha! Go Yuechin! Please cast a Sagitta Magica to beat out that griffin.

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I find these amnesia chapters amusing to have Yue so eager to study. I have to thank Collet for casting forgetfulness spell on Yue. It is such a waste if someone who likes books would be a Baka-Ranger. Yue also has profound philosophies and I don’t want those to be wasted. If Yuechin have something that Nodoka doesn’t have, it’s her principles.

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