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It has been a while!!! Time for an update. This has been waiting for some typing madness.

I don’t know anymore how exactly to blog so bear with me. It’s been 10 months since I’ve actually written something. Quite sad isn’t it? Let’s skip the details on why I wasn’t able to blog shall we? I just wasn’t able to. Let’s keep it at that.

There were several ways for me to have done blogging if I really wanted to. I mean, I go to office and have my station. I can use my computer to write entries if I’m done with my tasks (calling it out as early as now: I rarely have idle time. Or if I have, I’d rather rest). Despite the obstacles, I was able to finish watching the original Gundam series and Zeta just using my smartphone. Can you believe that?  And I’m technically not disconnected to the anisphere as I can still read the tweets from time to time. And yet I just wasn’t able to blog. Sigh, I’ve been wondering myself why.

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