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Other than the cute microbes we get to see from Moyashimon, and very educational facts about fermentation, we also witnessed Tadayasu’s and other characters’ struggle in their interpersonal relationships such as Hasegawa. Her statement on how a person is judged struck me the most.

“When others judge you, they judge you based on your abilities. That’s why everyone is working so hard.”

I have to agree on that on some part, although Hasegawa is also missing something here. I’m glad that throughout the character development, all that’s missing was filled in.

Call it petty or trivial but personality does really count at times. It would probably be the greatest mistake that Hasegawa could commit if she thinks only those who have the greatest abilities could achieve the greatest things in life. To put it in simpler terms, a human resource manager does not merely look at your credentials when they hire you.

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