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This is my second playthrough so I already know the knack of the game and how to do things faster. The game’s idea and plot is rather childish compared to the main FF instalments since it involves being “spirited away” to a game which is ironically also called “Final Fantasy.” Alta oron sondus kameela. *snap* and Ivalice turned into a big country. Meanwhile, Marche started to find his way back home while encountering at the same his friends whom doesn’t want to forsake the given chance to live in their “dream world.”

Of course since this is made for a Gameboy Advance, there is nothing much to expect about the graphics and other stuffs but I guess they still made a good game even though there are restrictions.

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chronoThere would be a Manga adaptation anime and a RPG for this Manga!

World Destruction reunites three veterans behind the PS1’s popular Xenogears’ scenarist Masato Kato (also of the original NES Ninja Gaiden, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII fame), character designer Kunihiko Tanaka, and composer Yasunori Mitsuda (known for his work on Chrono Trigger, Shadow Hearts, Chrono Cross and Xenosaga)
The said game was issued to be released this summer for NDS.

While most RPGs revolve around saving the world from certain destruction, World Destruction tries the opposite. In a world (you knew that was coming) where humans serve as livestock for the ruling beastmen, and where sand fills the roles of water and fire, you play as Kyrie, a young lad who is recruited by the “World Destruction Committee” to assist in putting an end to their world. As it turns out, Kyrie alone holds the power needed to do it.

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