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It’s not like I am opposing this idea of OEliminators, and I’m not definitely trying to stop them in doing this just because I am involved XD. I just wanted to speak out before they have the freedom to criticize my blog in return.

What just stumbled upon my thoughts during the weekend, which is probably related to what the OEG is doing, is about the DVD Special of Toshokan Sensou.

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Hahaha, Welcome back Nodame! I really really like this show even if I’m not into music (I don’t even know how to play any instrument, but maybe I could handle a ∆ XD) I’m actually not so indulged in this kind of anime but I enjoyed La Corda so I thought I should also try this one because they both deal with music.

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I’m not trying to be an otaku with this blog because I’m not one to begin with. I’m just a fan. That’s it, no more, no less. I do watch just for the sake of entertainment and some lessons in life. It’s very difficult to find an anime blog that does the same thing! I keep on seeing ecchi stuffs and that is my border line… Everytime I look around I see the fan service and I don’t blog such things…Of course animes have fan service but that doesn’t mean you have to blog it… Negima is full of it but I don’t go for it but for the story. I just don’t know what people are thinking… Maybe it would be better if I would remain still the whole time and just wait for someone who likes what I write. I will take my time…

Maybe I was just desperate to look for audience… Well, not anymore! Zettai!

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I’m really bored everyday because there are no decent games in this PC(except Pinball, Solitaire, Minesweeper , and Hearts -_-). Because of site browsing, I became fond of Anime Blogs these days. I’m an anime fan as well so I can relate to most of their entries. I felt envious because most of them know fluent Japanese thus they can watch the animes with ease simply by obtaining the raws. They even know the nooks to check out for updates, recent events and released animes.

I seldom encounter hardcore fans who collect action figures of their favorite characters from the series. Even though I’m addicted like them in watching… I don’t really resort to those kind of hobbies because it COSTS. Given the chances, I’ll still prefer not to because there is no place for them in the house! My mother might just spill some oil one of those days and incinerate them into ashes -_-.

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