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This ruckus was started by Iso. Please blame the guy if you are being bombarded with lots of tags! (^~^;)ゞ You can read about it in full detail here. The general idea of this game is to answer the five questions of the blogger who tagged you and pass around your very own set of questions to other bloggers. So, yeah I’m part of this as agreed with Iso to act as a starter for the 5 bloggers he’ll be tagging.

I should be writing legit posts but I hope I can entertain you guys for the meantime!

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Temporal Vortex was successful on reaching the 3rd year mark! Well, I could say ‘barely’ though because the past year was rather tedious for a graduating student doing his thesis, then again I might just be poorly managing my time for blogging. After all, I tend to procrastinate a lot. Well then, this is some sort of open letter addressed to all readers (if there are any XD) of this blog, as well as few ramblings from the admin about the recent year.

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Greetings everyone!

This is Deneuve. I’m gonna be a “part time” blogger here. Please bear with my stream of consciousness / messy kind of writing. I tend to be disorganized when I write.

A little bg about my kind of anime:
-slice of life
-romance (any type of couple and yes that includes yuri and yaoi but worry not because I don’t plan on defiling this site. ;p )
sci-fi scifi science fiction
-supernatural / paranormal
-feel good
-ANYTHING with a great plot / meaning / concept / idea


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Hisashiburi. I’m confident to say now that I won’t go hiatus anymore for the whole month until last week of May!!!

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My blog would soon celebrate its 1st anniversary and yet I think I’ve yet to expand further my network.

Well, I think everyone sees the lack of audience the cause of unmotivated authors in certain blogs. Am I one of them or not? I think I don’t see blogging that way but I think I sometimes have the urge to do some “audience hunting” too even though I promised in this very blog that I’ll only wait for the right moment that somebody would acknowledge my entries.

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