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It has been a while!!! Time for an update. This has been waiting for some typing madness.

I don’t know anymore how exactly to blog so bear with me. It’s been 10 months since I’ve actually written something. Quite sad isn’t it? Let’s skip the details on why I wasn’t able to blog shall we? I just wasn’t able to. Let’s keep it at that.

There were several ways for me to have done blogging if I really wanted to. I mean, I go to office and have my station. I can use my computer to write entries if I’m done with my tasks (calling it out as early as now: I rarely have idle time. Or if I have, I’d rather rest). Despite the obstacles, I was able to finish watching the original Gundam series and Zeta just using my smartphone. Can you believe that?  And I’m technically not disconnected to the anisphere as I can still read the tweets from time to time. And yet I just wasn’t able to blog. Sigh, I’ve been wondering myself why.

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It’ll be Round 2 real soon on the most controversial Aniblog Tourney and I’d like to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have voted on Temporal Vortex’s match. Thanks to all your votes, we made our way to Round 2. I also want to thank our Round 1 opponent Love the Machine for a fair and square match. Please do check out his site if you guys are interested in doujins!

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Temporal Vortex was successful on reaching the 3rd year mark! Well, I could say ‘barely’ though because the past year was rather tedious for a graduating student doing his thesis, then again I might just be poorly managing my time for blogging. After all, I tend to procrastinate a lot. Well then, this is some sort of open letter addressed to all readers (if there are any XD) of this blog, as well as few ramblings from the admin about the recent year.

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It’s not like I am opposing this idea of OEliminators, and I’m not definitely trying to stop them in doing this just because I am involved XD. I just wanted to speak out before they have the freedom to criticize my blog in return.

What just stumbled upon my thoughts during the weekend, which is probably related to what the OEG is doing, is about the DVD Special of Toshokan Sensou.

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Greetings everyone!

This is Deneuve. I’m gonna be a “part time” blogger here. Please bear with my stream of consciousness / messy kind of writing. I tend to be disorganized when I write.

A little bg about my kind of anime:
-slice of life
-romance (any type of couple and yes that includes yuri and yaoi but worry not because I don’t plan on defiling this site. ;p )
sci-fi scifi science fiction
-supernatural / paranormal
-feel good
-ANYTHING with a great plot / meaning / concept / idea


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