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Well, I have been in a hiatus because of this matter. As of now, I succesfully separated my personal blog posts with my anime blog posts (although there are few disparities~). Now you can expect me to write purely about animes :P.


By the way, I noticed that my most active post is about Code Geass’ Knightmares. I just want to inform the lost souls gathered on my site that I kind of lost my interest already on Knightmares because they are turning into Gundams(specifically Lancelot Albion and that Guren Hakkyokushiki). So maybe I won’t post about upgrades anymore from the show since Wikipedia offers wider information about them (they’ve got no pictures though). Here is the link to ravage upon if you really are into Knightmare frames.

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I’m repairing my subdomain system because I’m planning to seperate my anime blog with the personal blog. Also, my finals is approaching so I guess I’ll take a break this August. >be back at september< I’ll just do some post stamp edits to fill up my absences 😛

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wild arms 5Hmm, I haven’t visited this blog of mine because I was busy of one thing. That is to finish Wild ARMs 5…

Yeah, I have already blogged it once before because I wrote here that my bro will bring the PS2 with him when he’ll go overseas. That is the reason why I was rushing to finish it. Thank goodness I made it. He plans to go this August he said… huhuhu… Goodbye PS2… 🙁 Well enough of that.

Spoiler Alert!

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no dataI’ve already known this anime for a long time but this is the only time my brother downloaded it… It caught my attention because it has the anime reactor’s best sci-fi anime award. Well, the first thing that entered my mind was Digimon because it has something to do with cyberspace/digital things but it is really different on a very higher level.

It is very sci-fi I say because the world where the character lives is very futuristic. Where you can call somebody by simply using hand gestures. Where 4D is already present. Yes, I think Time/Space has been part of the dimension already in this anime. (As if I’m into Physics too much…) If ever the future people would be able to achieve what is depicted in this anime, I’ll gladly be a member of the Megabaa’s Agency. I was shokku when I saw the “Mikuru-beam” in the show. I think it is pretty cool and I think if I was a generation of that epoch, I’ll gladly waste my time exploring the cyberspace and the “Illegals” + I can write blog entries anywhere! Isn’t that convenient? I’m very annoyed when I forget things which is supposedly a good entry.

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fukoDango, dango…(wth!)

And so… This time I quite see some Tomoyo(s) around the anime blogosphere so I told myself I think I should check out Clannad myself and there~~ One thing that motivated me to watch this series on the first place is Tomoyo. I’ve been seeing avatars where she is on the action. I thought it was just “fanpic” so I didn’t bother but I did saw it on the series so I was dumbfounded when I immediately saw it on episode 1.

I’m impressed… Yes, they didn’t came up with any Uguus~ , Auus~ and Gaus~ this time. Well, I have to say though that Fuko’s arc is very Kanon-ish and Air-ish… Well, I can’t blame them. I think they are fond of that plot twist. I’m not saying that it is bad. It is just predictable though(for those who watched Air and Kanon like me).There was also this wheat field with strange lights. I think I saw it from both Air and Kanon.

I don’t know what does the starfish symbolizes throughout the series(or maybe they just want it to be starfish). I have to admit it, I also want to receive that sculpture Fuko holds XD. By the way, I have researched what it symbolizes and I think it quite figures why they chose starfish as the symbol.

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