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I really thought from the very start of Angel Beats! that Otonashi is such a boring character and that Hinata should have a greater exposure instead because he is much more likable (although, I’d say he also is a good supporting cast). Good thing there are Track Zero chapters to compensate for that.

Track Zero is supposedly a prequel for the anime, having Hinata as the main protagonist, aside from Yuri. It explains some of the stuffs which wasn’t really explained during the start of the anime, just like how the party was founded.

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Hi guys, and to everyone who are reading this post. I must admit that I only have limited time to spend in the animeblogosphere, since I have to tend to school duties (my thesis project), which is why, this post will be the one to wrap up for this winter season of 09/10. Spring is now again coming, as well as the nearing 2nd anniversary of the site. It’s just sad that I might not be able to prepare anything for it since there would still be final exams for me. Meaning to say, I really don’t have the time to fool around, and so, to shorten and speed up the blogging process, I’ll do this lump sum entry for other anime(s) which I watched and finished airing this season, and from the previous.

Also, I might only be able to start doing first impression posts for this coming season during the last week of April.

Anime(s) that will be reviewed in this post would be Baka Test, Kimi ni Todoke, Sora no Woto, and Kobato, in order of appearance. Apologies for not writing in-depth individual entries for the four.

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Hanamaru is one of the anime(s) which caught my attention when I first saw the chart for Winter 09/10. And yes, it was for the first time that I chose an anime at my own will, without even a clue of what it was all about without regretting why I watched it.

I actually dug the manga, and was surprised that Hanamaru actually has roughly 90+ manga chapters already, which is the reason why I was expecting lots of episodes from it. I was quite shocked that Gainax only did 12 episodes, which is obviously inadequate to cover the story.

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I am late, I know that.

So– I heard many people were complaining on how half-ass the ending was for such an anime, even though it was just a side story. But then again, if I have something to say about railgun, for me, it’s definitely much better than index.

Index has so much to tell, and yet everything were forcefully packed. Railgun has few but splendid episodes to offer, and sprinkled with few fillers. (Okay, now now, this is not an entry contrasting the two.)

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I’ve always hoped for a second season of InuYasha.I planned it already a long long time ago, and even wrote an entry for it that I’ll be reading the manga, but I wasn’t really able to. which is why I was so glad when I heard the news of course, that they decided to animate and finish the series. Inuyasha’s ending wasn’t really at my mind during that time… But now that it has ended, I don’t know why but I feel depressed and dissatisfied.

I might will mention spoilers.

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