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I haven’t blogged a lot lately because of priorities I have to set in doing my college stuffs. Anyway, since I have given the spare time to do this. I have to do this entry because I haven’t spend too much entry about Macross Frontier. I was always like –“omg, Michael died” and “yes! Alto has been shot down”. Lol, I grew to hate Alto these days because I don’t see any consistency with regards to his love affair. I also grew empathetic with Sheryl’s status considering I hate her when I first saw her. I’ve been messed up by this show… Luca who seems to be very relaxed and care free during the first episodes also became mentally disturbed because of all the fold quartz stuff. Meanwhile, Grace is still the ever-villain of the show. I found myself in a trap when I saw the cute Ai-kun transformed into a Vajra T_T.

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shounen tanteiYeah right, of all animes… I don’t know why but I happened to be interested on it after watching few episodes from Animax again (yes, i’ve been a fan of this anime but I didn’t had the opportunity to finish it because I didn’t know that it is stll ongoing) The last thing I heard about it before I rewatched it was — its episodes are keeping up with Pokemon (meaning to say, it goes 300++) and now it is about 500 episodes with several special episodes(sometimes 50 min. and few 150/133 minutes).

Well, I have to admit that the episodes are boring at times because of same old tricks, predictable and insipid flow of events. I’m just keeping up with it as well because what I just want to watch are the tricks and how they are done. It also a nice brain teaser so I can say it’s a nice interactive anime if you do so think as well who the murderer is and how s/he did the crime.

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Well, I have been in a hiatus because of this matter. As of now, I succesfully separated my personal blog posts with my anime blog posts (although there are few disparities~). Now you can expect me to write purely about animes :P.


By the way, I noticed that my most active post is about Code Geass’ Knightmares. I just want to inform the lost souls gathered on my site that I kind of lost my interest already on Knightmares because they are turning into Gundams(specifically Lancelot Albion and that Guren Hakkyokushiki). So maybe I won’t post about upgrades anymore from the show since Wikipedia offers wider information about them (they’ve got no pictures though). Here is the link to ravage upon if you really are into Knightmare frames.

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I’m repairing my subdomain system because I’m planning to seperate my anime blog with the personal blog. Also, my finals is approaching so I guess I’ll take a break this August. >be back at september< I’ll just do some post stamp edits to fill up my absences 😛

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wild arms 5Hmm, I haven’t visited this blog of mine because I was busy of one thing. That is to finish Wild ARMs 5…

Yeah, I have already blogged it once before because I wrote here that my bro will bring the PS2 with him when he’ll go overseas. That is the reason why I was rushing to finish it. Thank goodness I made it. He plans to go this August he said… huhuhu… Goodbye PS2… 🙁 Well enough of that.

Spoiler Alert!

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