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Aside from normal shows, I’m also expecting this OVA! I’m a huge fan of Kagami so I wanna see her again.

Well, the story really focuses on the four girls but it is kind of sad because the other 6 where set aside on the OVA. Yutaka and others had an extremely limited appearance in the anime.

The MMORPG part of the OVA rocks! It makes me nostalgic of my experiences when I was also once a newbie. Tsukasa reminded me of myself when I tried to play Ragnarok the first time. I didn’t know how to sit. Thus, I’m waiting idle long enough just to replenish my hp XD. lulz. I also had a hard time picking on enemies. I remember getting on the map on the north of Prontera, the forest of Mandragoras and died there. I was shokku  T_T and stared at my character lying on the ground. By the way, what a coincidence~ I also used to be a Healer! Go Kagamin~.

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I really didn’t watched any of the Macross until I came across this one. I decided to watch this because Omni-senpai seems to like it and Sheryl caught my attention. As I, together with my brother, downloaded the subs of Aone-Gekkostate-Menclave, we waited… and waited until they released the episode 5 but we didn’t control our patience anymore because nothing is coming out anymore and dig in with gg’s. We actually tried to watch it first at crunchyroll but it became more and more crappy because it was too late until we realized that the subs were Babelfish~ed. Lol XD

Yay for Macross Frontier. It was a great ending. I’ve been envy to Omni-senpai ever since Friday because he was able to immediately watch it XD. It took me today just to watch it because the release just came yesterday.

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Okay, I’ve finished Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu.

Well if there would be a vague part for this anime, then that would be the “supposed” love triangle among Yuuto, Haruka and Shiina. It would have been more fun if there would a battle royale for Shiina and Haruka to claim who is rightful for Yuuto. Besides that, well I guess the story is great because it depicts the condescending view towards otakus by the society.

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Well for some reason, I got offended by this phrase. I actually originally heard it from my professor in English and what we were talking about was Reading Strategies. The notes were avoid the following: 1.) Being a passive reader, 2.) The television habit, 3.) The untouched book habit and 4.) The highlighter habit. Well obviously, I’ll try to talk about no. 2, the television habit.

I am really really wondering why the hell my teacher called the television an idiot box so I tried raising a question out of my curiousity or maybe you could call it stupidity. I said, “Ma’am what about watching television but also reading subtitles at the same time, you also do critical thinking right?” — Well, expect the answer of the close-minded people, of course they’ll deny the fact that television is also an educational gadget, of course to those who utilize its extent. I’m actually watching subs so the question is really relevant to my situation. My teacher bluntly said that it doesn’t matter if there is subtitles because television offers you all from thinking to imagination so that causes you not to think at all and there was I mumbling — Are you saying I don’t learn something from watching slice of life and drama genre animes!??!

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Okay, I thought Ria and Naja would remain enemies for the whole time since the anime is just a spin off of the game.

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