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Imagine Breaker is somewhat cliche already if you would associate it with the the power of nullification and force negation. Is it just me or I’m seeing more of what Imagine Breaker really is? I don’t know if I’ll do make sense but I was able to think of this idea primarily because the anime talks about science as the source of the ESP power of the students. I don’t think I’d be able to think of this post if Touma is simply nullifying “magic” attacks. Also, I see an implication of why Imagine Breaker could also bring tough luck for the beholder.

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orenjihime I never really took Aria seriously the first time I heard it to be some spectacular anime around the corners of the aniblogosphere but since I often heard that several anime blogs have been inspired by Aria, I decided that I should see it for myself.

Actually, I decided to read the manga prior to watching the last 3rd season of the anime because the translation of the manga isn’t done yet, but I might reconsider re-watching all three seasons once more. The anime really has an astounding track to listen to and it makes me imagine as if I’m on an Italian café. Meanwhile, the manga is a little bit more concise when it comes to details. The plot is the same for both although the anime has few nice fillers.

Also, Akari’s e-mail penpal wasn’t really specified who but the anime did referred it though as Ai-chan. It was somewhat fishy though since Ai-chan was introduced right off the bat in the anime and wasn’t in the manga but both had a similar ending.

I was easily captivated by this anime, and it’s probably because of its somehow trivial yet heart-warming anecdotes. This series never failed to show me a new side for new things and encounters. And probably, because of its utopian setting as well, which I would like to experience myself. Yeah, I’m definitely guilty of thinking maybe the world is better off to be similar to Aqua. Oh well, too bad, it might take not just a millennium before Mars is terraformed.

I’ve never been so attached to an anime, as if I never like it to end, and I think I’ve experienced it for the first time on Aria. ara ara~ XD.

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ltdoujo by いしだんごむし I’ve just finished watching it and I think this anime is rather amusing since no one could really tell where would our socio-cultural evolution would lead us to. This is why I don’t think these ideas are preposterous. Who knows, after few decades? After all, wild ideas these days may not be so wild for the forthcoming years.

Even so, even if that time is yet to come, I think it is already applicable to our present situation, although it is not that extreme compared to the censorship the anime is showing.

Disclaimer: The subsequent information I’ll be writing doesn’t have a solid proof so please don’t hold back on correcting me if it is wrong in any case. It’s just what I’ve heard and my opinion regarding on it.

I’m still a college student, and I just remembered this lecture from my Asian History professor. But, before that, I think everyone is aware of what role Japan played during the WWII — and I don’t intend to focus on that. My country,(which is Philippines) is one of the countries which was ravaged during the war, which is why many issues and conspiracies stirred up from the said matter. It involves having the Japan being forced to proclaim a public apology to Philippines regarding that matter.(Well, if you’d like to really know the reason, then I must tell you that, Japanese men, during the WWII desecrated many Filipina women, if you know what I mean, and of course, not just women, but everyone because of the massacres and all those unwanted events during the war.)

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6015945-by-maiyo It has finally arrived. Why would I wait til October 10 if I can watch it sooner ne? I might spout some spoilers so please read the post at your own risk.

Well, my wait has finally paid off since I just can’t take it to read the manga. I’ve been so accustomed already of watching the animation since I grew already to those 167  episodes without even realizing that it was the “ending” already.

Personally, my interest also waned a little when I found out that Sunrise isn’t planning anything to air the rest of the manga, not until Rumiko Takahashi ended it. Of course, this fanboy inside me is screaming already since it somewhat increased the chances of having the rest of Inuyasha animate.

Honestly, I’ve seen the last page of the manga already(just the last page), and I’ve spoiled myself but I don’t know, this anime just feels part of me already that I don’t want to miss any of it, even if I saw the ending already. After all, I’ve watched it during weekdays through out my high school days(that’s just about 5 years ago).

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spicywolf Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. – Benjamin Disraeli.

It doesn’t really matter how many Thoreni, Lumione or whatever coins you possess. Everyone has their set of choices to choose from whether to succumb to what they feel right or wrong, whichever might be the source of their happiness or joy, even if it’s also just momentarily.

I chuckled a bit and partly agreed to what Harold-san(the innkeeper) mentioned with regards to wealth and merchants. Indeed, merchants keep on thinking how to earn and gain large sum of profits and yet, would they be able to keep it when that day comes? Of course not, and yet they are putting all the effort just to obtain those high-quality materials and such. Certainly, why exert that much effort in obtaining something you’ll eventually throw away? I guess this rather falls in the category of that dispensable part of happiness.

We all have different kinds of perspective on how we choose to be happy with our lives, even if we’re just pretending to have the role of a fairy tale’s protagonist. Happiness is a scary thing. Perhaps that’s right but, probably not as well. Well, since it’s how Horo perceives it, let’s not argue with that.

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