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Fifth Year Go!

It’ll be Round 2 real soon on the most controversial Aniblog Tourney and I’d like to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have voted on Temporal Vortex’s match. Thanks to all your votes, we made our way to Round 2. I also want to thank our Round 1 opponent Love the Machine for a fair and square match. Please do check out his site if you guys are interested in doujins!

The first match of TV was set on April 22 but technically, it’s already April 23 here in the Philippines when the polls went live. April 23 actually marks the anniversary of the site which is why I’m happy that the site not only made it to the second round of the tourney, but also finally reached 4 years of age. Yeah, this site’s pretty old already despite the lack of activity.

I am very sorry that I had nothing to give back to people who actually took their time to criticize my content and layout. But, I really appreciate everyone’s feedback, suggestions and comments to the site. There are very few of you who actually did this throughout Round 1 so you guys deserve some mentions.

Again, thank you for all the viewers, readers, and my twitter followers who have kept me alive in the community. You know who you guys are. May we all spend more years together (with or without drama) in this anime blogosphere.


image credits: pixiv user 黒いアンチクショウ@不風くれ

  1. feal87 says: May 5, 20122:54 pm

    Congratulation for lasting that long foomafoo! 4 years is not a small feat. 🙂

    • foomafoo says: May 5, 201211:21 pm

      Thanks feal! (BARELY lasting though~)

      • feal87 says: May 5, 201211:55 pm

        As long as posts keep coming you're still alive! 😀

  2. reiseng says: May 8, 201210:28 am

    Haha, thanks for the mention! Good luck, and congratulations, 4 years is a long, long time. Even if you retired now (which wouldn't be nice!), you could retire knowing you made a difference or something. 😛

    • foomafoo says: May 8, 20121:10 pm

      No problem, you deserve it anyway! Thank you! 😀 I don't think I'll be retiring any time soon though 😛

  3. Kyokai says: June 26, 20121:16 am

    Sorry for finding this so late but that picture is GOLD! Hope to see you kicking around for many more years to come! <3
    My recent post Sakamichi no Apollon – 11

    • foomafoo says: July 13, 20123:53 am

      Hello Kyo, i know right, It really captures that omgyesthankyouall emotion I had after round 1. And yes, many more years hopefully! 😀

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