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12 Moments of 2011 – Day 2: Dazzling the Stage

I don’t think I really need to explain anything about this series except the act of describing it as fabulous. I know it started airing 2010 but I always use the ending date to categorize it as an anime of what year. The whole Kiraboshi thing really got me hooked -before I knew it, it’s already viral. I still recall reading Good Haro’s updates about the series. Unfortunately, I’m still not at that level where one is able to memorize the Hebrew runes and the names of the Cybodies. But seriously, staring at that chart took a lot of my time.

Despite the “monster of the week” pattern of this show, I won’t say that there was a time that I was bored. From its flamboyant backgrounds of Zero Time, impressive Maiden songs (I’m biased towards Monochrome and Komorebi no Contact), to its weird Glittering Crux members, I don’t think it’s fair to say that it was just an all “flashy-sparkly” gay show, not to mention that there’s that vague allegory within Sarina’s play, Sakana’s story and the relationship of  the protagonists.

I think what I really found fascinating about the show is the relationship of the Hebrew/Phoenician letter’s meaning to the driver’s first phase power – but then, that’s just me. I also read that there were references made from ‘The Little Prince’ but I don’t think I’ve seen any post in the anisphere trying to decipher any connection between the two (aside from the names).

Keito really piqued my interest during the start of the show because she’s obviously plotting something, and yet nobody knows her motives. She’s one of the cunning ones who openly admits that she’s Ivrogne. Although I wasn’t pleased on how she was presented later on (aside from the rapist gag) because she certainly made a fool out of herself, I’d say she’s one of the reasons why I lasted watching it. Marino was a great character as well. The source of her existence was a big surprise to me. In relation, the episode where Mizuno tried to leave the island was disturbing. Meanwhile, Wako’s character development was such a joke! I was laughing when she made that monologue at the last episode on how she’s feeling so torn because she loves both Takuto and Sugata.


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