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The Fourth Cycle Begins…

Temporal Vortex was successful on reaching the 3rd year mark! Well, I could say ‘barely’ though because the past year was rather tedious for a graduating student doing his thesis, then again I might just be poorly managing my time for blogging. After all, I tend to procrastinate a lot. Well then, this is some sort of open letter addressed to all readers (if there are any XD) of this blog, as well as few ramblings from the admin about the recent year.

I was somewhat dispirited, honestly, this past year because of the lack of activity of some of the blogs I follow initially when I started, followed by the retirement of some of my age bracket and same nationality colleagues (namely kanzeon, tsuiteru, Rakuen, and kielmaru). Same goes for the inactivity of my early readers such as hazy and blissmo. Meanwhile, usagijen, which I really like to read just suddenly stopped updating her blog.

During the absence of these people, I enjoyed the company of kriselle, manga, and Kitsune who’d sometimes drop off to comment. The blog almost turned to a zombie blog during those times because I’m often too lazy to update it knowing that no one would probably read it. I didn’t even write a second anniversary post, mind you. The only thing which kept me writing during those times would be the excitement for other animes airing during that time namely Angel Beats!, and Railgun.

It’s a sad thought that those who I talked with during my first to second years of blogging is no longer here with me to celebrate the third year of the blog. They’re certainly part of how the present Temporal Vortex came to be. For now, this is a subtle knock to the doors of some of these bloggers. Are you guys still doing well? Are you guys still dropping by Temporal Vortex? I’d be glad to hear anything from some of you guys again…

I was obviously detached to the animeblogging sphere due to the absence of who talk to since I rarely follow or even converse with anyone on Twitter. After then, I received mysterious referrals both from Ruby’s and klux’s blogs which totally surprised me because both of them didn’t really talk to me about it. Since I observe courtesy to all bloggers who link to my blog, I also linked back to them. I vaguely remember it all already but that was about the same time I get to know MintBass and Kyokai which all began from Twitter convos. After which, it somehow revitalized my enthusiasm to blog (even with my thesis alongside) since I got to know several new anime bloggers I could talk to. And then here comes Eri who I bumped into while digging the Kokido network.

It was actually somewhat awkward to talk to Kyokai at first because I only pretty much acknowledged METANORN because of kanzie. It was pretty obvious that the communication between Temporal Vortex and METANORN became stagnant after kanzie and tsui retired, only to be re-established once again by Kyokai.

As of today, Temporal Vortex is now three years spouting vague and ambiguous articles. I hope the blog stays strong even with all these rumors that anime blogging is dying. I’ll never plan to put a stop to this, even if circumstances would lead to one entry every year. I hope it’s the same thing for everyone.

Thank you to all readers of TV and of course, to all those who were specially mentioned in this post.

I am not trying to assure anything but foomafoo would surely try to deliver posts for the following months. In relation to this, I am formally breaching my personal “oath” not to post anything episodic in order to  bolster my motivation of writing posts. AnoHana’s episodic post for both episode 1 and 2 would be posted tomorrow. Another editorial about TokyoPop’s shutting down is currently sitting in the drafts~


image credits: pixiv users 6cm, おか

  1. mark says: November 3, 20116:21 pm

    Congrats, Ivan! 😀 Sigh, if only I could keep up with posts as deep as yours! – Porks

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