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Moyashimon – Impatience will brew you

Other than the cute microbes we get to see from Moyashimon, and very educational facts about fermentation, we also witnessed Tadayasu’s and other characters’ struggle in their interpersonal relationships such as Hasegawa. Her statement on how a person is judged struck me the most.

“When others judge you, they judge you based on your abilities. That’s why everyone is working so hard.”

I have to agree on that on some part, although Hasegawa is also missing something here. I’m glad that throughout the character development, all that’s missing was filled in.

Call it petty or trivial but personality does really count at times. It would probably be the greatest mistake that Hasegawa could commit if she thinks only those who have the greatest abilities could achieve the greatest things in life. To put it in simpler terms, a human resource manager does not merely look at your credentials when they hire you.

Hasegawa’s statement on how she was very willing to drink Tadayasu’s blood, granted that it would enable the transfer of his unique power of seeing the microbes through his naked eye to her, was rather absurd. Although I understand her gripe that Tadayasu’s ability would really further intensify her researches and discoveries, I don’t think I’d be so desperate on wanting that ability. For Hasegawa to utter such thing, there must be some reason behind her despair.

Although our innate abilities are the ones that makes us heterogenous compared to other people, it’s not only our abilities that makes us different and level above other people. Tadayasu might  possess an ability that’s beyond the power of an electron microscope but it still doesn’t make him a proficient person because he’s rather carefree and still remains as a budding scientist unlike Hasegawa who seems rather accomplished already in her field of expertise. Yet, she still expresses envy towards Tadayasu.

Hesagawa is an impatient person as we can observe from Prof. Itsuki’s remarks on her actions towards Tadayasu. I can only see her impatience rooted from the pressure she gets from her parents trying to pull her out from the university in order to marry some other guy she clearly does not like since it even reached to the point of her asking help from Kawahama and Misato. She wanted to stay in the university in order to escape from the grasp of her parents and she knows that the university won’t be able to protect her that much once she already finishes her doctorate. I think this is the very reason why she’s impatient. She’s already a postgraduate student and only time can tell when her thesis/dissertation will be finally done and ready to enable her to graduate. Hasegawa is trying to think of ways how she’ll be able to taste freedom even though she has already finished her doctorate. One answer that I can think of is for her to be relatively popular, known and distinguished, to the point of allowing herself to be independent – not just ordinarily acknowledged in her field of study. This only points her to Tadayasu as her hope and means to discover and expand her studies regarding microbes and such in order to gain recognition. Much to her chagrin, Tadayasu’s inexperienced as a novice in the field of microbiology. The only thing he knows about is how yeast works.

Just as how many times Prof. Itsuki has told her, patience is the key. It can be observed in the ending of the series that she has really improved her patience meter on how she’ll supervise from there on Tadayasu’s progress. It was a big progress on her part as well that she has learned to accept the pace of things around her, unlike before when she’s known to drag everyone around her until she’s satisfied.

It was rather ironic that someone who’s specializing in/studying fermentation lacks patience. For a fermentation process to succeed, one needs to be patient on when is the right time to act or do something on the produce. I think she’s normally patient and passionate about her research as she stayed countless overnights in the university already but sometimes, the feeling of discontentment about her disposition puts her on a crazy mood. No one can blame her though. It was evident on how she’s haunted by her parent’s shadows right at the first episode where her parents immediately warranted for a search from the policemen after she went missing.


image credits: pixiv user ひのと屋

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