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Bakemonogatari – Senjougahara’s Mild Character Inconsistency

Senjougahara, based from the beginning of her arc, has quite isolated herself from the rest of the people due to her unique circumstance of losing her weight and if we would probably look back, she has become a cold character, especially if you’ll observe the way she speaks as well as her initial actions when Araragi found out her circumstance. That isolation should have altered some emotional mechanism inside her– but it looks like, it didn’t.

Surprisingly, the latter part of episode 2 of Bakemonogatari shows her rather shocking and fast recovery right after she regained her weight from the crab, wherein she immediately stated she was sorry for all her actions to Araragi up until then. Following her arc was Mayoi Snail wherein we all probably know Senjougahara confessed her feelings for Araragi.

Well, it wasn’t probably that of a fast recovery since it was observed during the Mayoi Snail part that she hesitated to speak out her own perception to that of Araragi’s with regards to Hachikuji but more than that of the fear of knowing that something could be wrong with her again, I’m more concerned with how she was able to cope up that fast with her social skills considering she has decided not to involve herself pretty much after she has gotten herself to that crabby stuff.

What got me to think this would probably KareKano (since I was rewatching the two simultaneously). I was brought back to that certain episode of KareKano (ep.4) wherein Yukino had the difficulty to confess her feelings for Arima. Yukino finally found someone “like” her and since she wasn’t sure if Arima still likes her, she’s caught up in a dilemma of fearing rejection and losing Arima, her first ever “true” friend.

I don’t know if this situation would also hold true for Senjougahara since she wasn’t really isolated before her crabby stuff but I guess there is still this part I’m looking for. How come she didn’t even feel the anxiety of losing Araragi, if ever he rejects her? Considering she finally found someone who could be her friend after that long isolation she went through just so other people won’t know about her secret. After driving away some friends such as Kanbaru, how come she don’t even feel the burden of being alone once again?

I can’t really say Senjougahara is that of a strong person since she did cheat herself which is why she faced the ordeal of losing her weight. If she’s strong, it won’t really matter for her if ever Araragi stops from being friends with her since she could manage all by herself. But that’s not the case, which is why I’m left thinking where did Senjougahara pulled that strength of confessing to Araragi, without even an assurance of her being accepted by him. Or… was it okay for her either way even if she was rejected or not? I don’t think so. By the looks of it, she was thirsty for someone she could share her thoughts to after that long isolation she went through, so she was rather eager to be accepted by Araragi. It could even be represented by how Senjougahara wanted Araragi to clearly say what’s with their relationship quickly after she told her feelings to him. I guess this was a mild inconsistency in her part since I cannot deter by the looks of her action whether she’s really strong-willed or not.


image credits: pixiv user 魚生

  1. moi says: December 4, 20104:27 am

    Where'd you get that Hitagi image, is there a raw somewhere? *Tried " tineye ", but it didn't give me any good results, any source info appreciated!

    • foomafoo says: December 4, 20109:59 pm

      i think i mentioned below where i got it. it's from pixiv.net, and the artist is 魚生 (account needed :D)

  2. moi says: December 5, 20102:03 pm


    Thank's for the kind reply, and indeed you had mentioned so; " Ctrl + F " does give -two- results for pixiv on the page. I initialy decided to skip thru your blog-post, 'cause I found myself interested in watching the series, and didn't want to spoil it with any information before hand, so that's why I didn't notice your "image credits" info over there at the bottom.

    Found some quality rips at BoxTorrents (formerly), and plan on watching it soon. As far as the image, hopefully I can find it on the release, 'cause I tried pixiv, and I guess -as you said- without an account I'm S.O.L. in finding a HQ-Raw. *I tried Konachan (Moe Imouto), AnimePaper, amongst other resources, and nothin'. Maybe I missed it, iono.

    Oh well, thanks again….by the way: neat blog!, I added you to my anime-blogroll.

    • foomafoo says: December 5, 20103:49 pm

      http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=mediu… is the link for the artwork in pixiv. Registering in pixiv is easy as far as i know and there are plenty of guides out there, and you could simply use Google Translate.

      Can you tell me where is this site of yours? 🙂
      Welcome! 😀

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