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Ouran – Dakishimete, Boston no Hate Made

Ouran is very farfetched (or if not, ridiculous) if you ask me, in terms of its premise. Even the meaning of the words “host club” got me thinking when I first encountered it. Now that it has come to an end, the thought still remains to be ridiculous because the whole idea of running a host club simply for the fun of it, (or maybe for the sake of business, in Kyouya’s case) is rather unlikely. In addition to that, we are brought inside an academy where only the richest of the rich could afford to study. This is rather unique, but if you look at it, it’s just a sophisticated version of another school club story.

Ouran, same as Kare Kano, would probably be one among the earliest shoujos I’ve watched which probably made an appeal to me, considering the family environment both protagonists had. Both Haruhi and Yukino came from poor families if you do the background check. Also, both of them are living in a very permissive family environment since their parents acknowledge that they are both smart enough to decide what’s best for themselves. So, enough of the comparison since this post would focus on Ouran, with regards to its recent conclusion.

What’s worth checking out in the story is definitely the comedy which involves binbou jokes and Tamaki’s antics. The tricks that the twins love to do and at the same time, the overly dramatic execution of things especially when it comes to Tamaki’s delusions. On a side note, there are also touchy developments between members of the host club every now and then. I’d say that I’ve always enjoyed watching the spoiled rich kids relishing the ways of the poor, courtesy of Haruhi.  If I’ll be honest though, major plot twists didn’t seem so interesting for me because of its deliberate delivery right into the story without even a mild initial presentation. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but, things really got confusing during the part of the Suohs starting to meddle with Tamaki’s issues with Haruhi and the existence of the Host Club itself. It suddenly seemed to me as a reader who’s only paying attention to what’s happening to the host club that there are “external” factors currently trying to force their way inside the plot, even though very limited info has been said about it prior to its inclusion. It just doesn’t feel right because chapters ago, everyone’s having fun

The character development for me was just so-so. I’d say you can relate to the issues of these guys but, I don’t know– since some of it just didn’t get right through me. This is the problem for me of Ouran. Knowing the fact that it possesses hilarious comedy, sometimes, inserting some dramatic scenes simply don’t make the cut off since comedic scenes comes flying from every direction.

The host club members are talented actors. They all deserve to receive an award for acting and up until now, I can’t seem to understand why the Host club is still thriving. These ladies must be plain simpletons if they couldn’t even obviously notice Hika&Kao’s deceitful faces. Meanwhile, I can’t decide whether Tamaki is simply earnest or just lacks enough attention.

If there is something I’d commend the series for, it would be the lack of fluffiness in its delivery, considering it is shoujo. Ouran never felt cheesy for me, or maybe it did but not so much which is why I came to like Haruhi’s obtrusive behavior towards embarrassing moments, which really helps because I was able to tolerate it.

Spoilers Ahead

Okay now, for the ending… That was.. Hmm. I wasn’t contented? Although I’d say it’s pretty much a happy ending. It’s just that Haruhi’s decision invoked a “serious” atmosphere and yet I still got a funny one. I would have liked instead an ending which could have depicted all of them meeting one Holiday somewhere in Japan– but living in one apartment? That’s just, well… Over a bit perhaps. Also, to think all of them should have been mature enough to handle this kind of farewell, I think it’s very childish of them all, aside from Haruhi to follow her to Boston. That was also a lame excuse that all of them would eventually study abroad. Back in Japan, it was nice to see Music Room 3 still glimpsed upon by their female classmates. I think that’s the thing I liked about the ending. It’s as if the Host club has engraved a mark during their stay in Ouran– something everybody in the school would remember, despite their decision to leave. On that note, I hope these spoiled brats won’t take for granted all their hosts during their stay in Ouran. It might have been a short time, but I think all of those bonds they formed are true (by the looks of it when some of them volunteered on helping Tamaki). In relation to that as well, that certain chapter would probably be my favorite.. I guess? It was such a spectacular chapter where you’ll get to see a ridiculous critical mass of rich people trying to combine all their wealth and power to help Tamaki get to the airport. I sure do hope I have friends like them, hahaha!

To wrap up this post, I would want to say that I’m still bothered on why Hatori Bisco decided to finally finish the series. I mean, Ouran could have entered instead a new arc named Boston Chapter haha, but she never did… I do hope she’d still continue to write since I enjoyed her comedic acts.


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