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Code Geass Memorial – The me who liked Code Geass

Code Geass had its own short comings but why did I ever like Code Geass even though I know that there were stupid plot devices? Now that I think of it, after the two years that have passed, I just can’t explain it clearly to my myself. Was I that immature back then when I started blogging that I’m going to suck-up any cool anime out there even though it obviously does not make sense anymore? But still, whenever somebody asks me an anime that I consider great, Code Geass is more often than not, one among those anime(s) that enter my mind.

I must say, every Code Geass pings and clicks the site receives makes me uncomfortable of the situation (Yes, after two years of idling). Now that I think of it, I didn’t even write a decent entry about it, or maybe one I guess, the retrospection one but other than that, all were shitty blog posts about Knightmare features and upgrades as well as short recaps that didn’t even make any sense. All I did on my Knightmare posts were to feature the latest Knightmare equipments from both parties of Black Knights and Britania. Just that, a mere compilation you may call it.

Okay, this is hard. I unintentionally wrote this post without being prepared of what I’m going to say. I’ve never rewatched it to recall what happened. Please try to bear with my vague memories.

If I may say, I wasn’t really interested about mecha (and I’ve endlessly told it already  if you’ve read my another mecha review of Gurren from the site) , which is why I had my brows raised when I first saw it. Also, I don’t think this post will capture what I felt two years ago. I think that that me who liked Code Geass back then isn’t that lively anymore inside me…

Now that two years have passed since then. I am asking myself why. Why did I even like this show which I never even once attempted to rewatch? Why did I even enjoy it if it has faulty story telling? Why did I like it even though I myself knew some of the characters should actually be dead because of FLEIJA? Why did that logic even slip into my head and agreed to everyone else that it was awesome(well yes, in some ways)?

I’m constantly looking for answers inside my head but the only thing I was able to come up is that… I’m not too sure of this but, I think Code Geass has just the right mix of what I was looking for a “guilty pleasure” anime, based on my preference that is. It has the enough action to keep me right on the edge of my seat. It also displays a battle of wits which makes me more and more indulged on the story. It has the intriguing and puzzling scope with regards to the origin of Geass and C.C . What more, I like stories about vengeance.

I admire Lelouch’s charisma. You can really see how screwed he and his plans are, which never failed to amaze. This specifically reminded me of the landslide episode and this allowed me to hail how great he was in trying to think of strategies – War strategies that is. This even made me root for him even though he is such a villain at times.

Story-wise, I think I remember being very intrigued about C.C and her origins. I was hoping of being able to get a clear ending for her but we all know Geass’ origin wasn’t even explained properly. Plus, we’ve been tricked of waiting when they’re going to mention C.C’s real name. Now that I try to recall all of it. I think the part which went hazy was the start of episodes where there was a Jupiter and all of these Sword of Akasha, and World of C’s all in one. I didn’t even bother to understand any of it… So I think I was primarily hooked on the Geass itself and didn’t bother to do any self-insertion to Lelouch’s grudge against his parents or even to other characters’ circumstance such as Kallen’s and Suzaku’s. Meanwhile, if I’ll try to explain my posts about Knightmares, I probably got too excited about the fights.

In the end, I still can’t believe I didn’t blog any of the flaws I saw about the show. Did I purposely let it slip? Then again, I might have not even noticed any of those and didn’t give attention because I was just a budding blogger back then. This simply shows how ignorant and apathetic I was on the anime I’m watching back then. Haha!

And in case you didn’t know the motivation behind the post, September 28, 2008 was the day last episode of R2 aired.


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  1. Xevar says: October 3, 201012:56 am

    I follow lots of blogs, particularly anime-based. I lurk. And here I am, actually commenting on a blog post only because this is about Code Geass.

    [my thoughts] I really love Code Geass, more than other anime, and has become a memorable anime for me (even after two years). Now that you mentioned stuff about the 'origins' and all that, I've come to realize that Code Geass has its flaws, although I never have thought that Code Geass is flawless either. The thing that I like about Code Geass the most is how they deliver the meaning/truth behind peace and justice; about the people that bring about them. Basically, relating to the "heroes in our own countries", it's like they're struggling as hard as Lelouch is.

    Don't take it the wrong way, but most of your comments on Code Geass is very opposing to mine. (Don't take it personally, either.)

    P.S. Code Geass just got popular here. I guess that might be the reason why I can't leave Code Geass as a 'bad' anime, despite how 'outstanding' it really is.

    • foomafoo says: October 3, 20101:17 am

      I'm not saying that it's bad either :D. Yeah, it had it's own share of theme which I also liked with regards to justice since it is very prominently seen in the clash between Suzaku and Lelouch as Zero but what I'm talking about in the entry is more of the execution part and how it was presented because we all know there were parts that were off a bit if you think of it, and yet, we overlooked it and still declared it good as it is. But hey, I totally understand your point, since it would really be outstanding if these points were clarified along the events. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      • Xevar says: October 3, 20102:14 am

        I completely agree with you especially with the 'overlook' part. I mean, how could I seriously deny that this anime, justice + mecha + vengeance-drama + romance-drama + OMFG-drama, could be a bad anime. That's precisely why I can't say it's a bad anime.

        It's a good thing that I've cleared my thoughts on it pretty well because of your blog post.

        I hope you continue to make more interesting articles. :))

        • foomafoo says: October 18, 201012:54 am

          My pleasure 🙂 and yes I also hope I'd be able to continue to make posts like this one.

  2. Hurtado says: October 27, 20102:25 pm

    I can't really pretend to speak for you or anyone else…but as someone who was well into his 20s when Code Geass aired, has actually re-watched the show twice and doesn't mind discussing the different aspects (both positive and negative) of the story to this day…I don't think one needs to be immature or superficial (if that is, in the end, the implication) in order to find numerous ways to appreciate the series.

    I don't want to bore you with a post that goes into an absurd amount of detail about these matters, but I'll simply share part of my conclusion: for all of the real or alleged flaws in Code Geass, many complaints have more to do with audience expectations rather than dealing with issues that are objectively "wrong" in the grand scheme of things.

    That's not to say the show has no problems, because it does and I don't believe in blind praise anymore than I believe in blind hate, but sometimes I feel that people demand more from fictional stories than what they demand from life itself. They want neat little packages of tight storytelling with no rough edges when the history of the world is often full of events that are unfair, contradictory, irrational, mysterious, misunderstood or nigh-incomprehensible. This doesn't mean we shouldn't have any standards, but we should also realize that human beings are imperfect beings who create imperfect things that might still serve a purpose, even if they don't do so very well.

    Sometimes it's worth thinking about said purpose even if we don't like what happened or, at least, how it came to pass. Not every question needs to have an answer, but what about the answers that we are actually given? With that thought in mind, I shall take my leave.

    • foomafoo says: October 31, 20109:10 pm

      I'm not closing any doors from any explanations that might unravel the secret behind those events in Code Geass that wasn't disclosed but, as part of the story, especially the instantaneous events during the rebellion, I think the story is compelled to narrate us everything that happened, and why it happened. After all, why would I care about the story if it wasn't told nicely? I'm not really that concerned much at all on the origin of Geass already because its mysterious nature might be one among the knacks of the series but the point I've been trying to reconsider is the clarity of that certain event during the launch of FLEIJA. Then again, perhaps this wasn't the fault of the story but the fault of Lelouch's vantage point from which I ascertained that Nunnally should have really died.

  3. Misu says: October 30, 20108:00 pm

    I agree with Hurtado’s points. Also, people who did not like Code Geass cited story – and preference of story [genre] is subjective. The anime itself was executed well, so it could be hardly considered “bad”.
    Those “stupid plot devices” were likely an attempt to defeat cliché, and I say a good job was done there.
    .-= Misu´s last blog ..Katanagatari is not good =-.

    • foomafoo says: October 31, 20109:16 pm

      I didn't considered it as something bad, but I don't think it's also that good. Well, the execution was indeed good. After all, it was one of those anime back then which really got me excited every week to watch out what would happen next. Although the execution is good, that's different from being smooth. And the fact that it was roughly executed and yet saying that it's sooo good, then that in itself is disregarding those rough edges the execution has.

      It looks like pretty much all those who commented in this post misunderstood me from trying to say that the show is BAD, which is not what I'm trying to say. I'm only trying to say that it's GOOD although you can't deny there were parts in which if you delve into much, you'll ask yourself whether Geass really is that good.

      • Misu says: November 1, 20108:25 am

        I agree, it's definitely not a masterpiece, but then again, what anime is?

  4. Ruby says: December 10, 201011:54 am

    I loved Code Geass 😀 it was so awesome~ one of my favorites of all times, it's definitely a show that I would rewatch… err maybe not season 1 but R2 for sure! xD Part of the reason why I love it so much is because there's still some mysteries that remains unsolved, mostly about C.C and her past. Lelouch was such a interesting character too~ it was so sad when he died T_T I'm excited for season 3! ^_^

    Btw I'm in love with your Katanagatari banner! <33

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