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(Another) My Top 10 OPs – Yes… I know.

Because I succumbed to generic posts, today, I shall be presenting my Top 10 OP. Also, I don’t really know what this list means or does it reflect my personality. I’m not really into high level music stuffs so sorry if I’ll be disappointing if you find the list boring,  or too cliche and ordinary. Anyway, this post is just to share and contemplate on the reasons why I came to like these songs. Then again, do I really have to describe these songs? Makes me want to push the publish button already by simply posting the videos.

I had a hard time collating this post because it’s hard to find HDs of all these OPs.

10. UNDO

I liked the Ed and Al moments in this OP since it greatly displays the relationship between the brothers. Also, the title itself of the song had an impact to me and I think all viewers would probably be able to relate with what I’m thinking about the word in relation to the story of the series.

9. Allegro Cantabile

I love piano and how the song goes simply makes me think of Nodame’s very own technique in playing the piano.  Not that I’m saying the artist is also random, but it’s spontaneous, very much the same on how Nodame plays with the notes.

8. Reflectia

Reflectia is such a weird word and I’m not sure whether this is an engrish word for reflection. Either way, I like how this song goes because I’m sick of the depressing story already of the anime. It helps that I look forward listening to a feel good OP before proceeding to a baww-ing story, and watching an irritating male protagonist.

7. Only My Railgun

Of course, biribiri’s focus in this OP was the reason why I was drawn to it compared to PSI-Missing. I like the techno sound of this OP. I guess it has something to do as well with the energetic vibes of the OP which makes you go hyper.

6. Complication

It has to be the lyrics and the translation of this song which is the reason why I liked it. It relates very well to the situation of the three main protagonists since it talks about grasping reality and what decision to make. It actually very much fits Mikado’s situation since it started to be the OP during the part of the story where he has to decide what’s the role of Dollars in Ikebukuro.

5. Karma

This video is actually the one you’ll see in the game, not in the anime, but anyway, the anime also used the same song. I think I could say the artists didn’t really know the meaning of the word Karma but, I think the message of the song fits the story of Luke, on how he is stuck from being a replica or substitute for somebody, and how it says from the song that it’s still entirely possible to be somebody else.

4. Free Bird

This OP is just refreshing and at the same time sad to listen to. I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel good whenever I listen to it. I can’t seem to express it well but I certainly liked the build-up in the chorus part. I mean, it’s pretty hard to decode since there are no lyrics at all.

3. Puzzle

This one’s funky on its own way and both the video and the music is fun to watch/listen to. I find it relieving I could listen to this OP before watching the anime which actually tackles a serious issue, aside from the fact that it seemingly make fun out of it most of the time. The last part of the vid is a favorite.

2. Word of the Voice

I specifically like the face covering part in this video. Well, probably this is the best OP that could describe the show because it’s about confusion and uncertainty of the protagonist on where could this “voice” be coming from. And I’m guilty I’m fond of Flow’s songs ranging from Days to Colors but I specifically liked this one because it has a more serious tone (I think).

1. Ambivalent World

Hahaha, unexpected, yes? I don’t know but I seem to like Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice in this song. And also, I feel more attached to Kanbaru’s character and how she felt towards Hitagi after those events, which made me like the lyrics. I mean, Senjogahara’s smile (probably the one when she was talking to Araragi) was even explicitly stated in the lyrics and that it was the trigger of the breakdown.

Overall, I think it’s hard to make a post about music. Some songs just generally comes to my liking without even warranting for an explanation. And to think I tried to explain why I liked these OPs was a headache. I don’t think I would ever make a similar post like this again, but then again, I already stated via twitter that I’ll be doing the top ED as well, and might as well do the Insert Songs… Didn’t knew it was this hard. Then again, if I’ll try to explain much of it, most of my liking, if not whim, comes from the message of the song, or simply, the lyrics, as well as the video itself.

I noticed just now, all of these has English titles 😐


image credits: pixiv user TNSK

  1. desuetude says: October 3, 20105:39 pm

    I’d love to see the insert songs! (Bias towards Iwasawa’s ballad song from AB! HAHAHA XD) I was also amazed at how you picked the list, considering you also HAD to read the subs, added to merely listening to the song. This list shows how extensive your anime compendium is already – quite admirable XD Just merely listening to the tracks in this list makes me want to watch the animes too.

    • foomafoo says: October 18, 201012:53 am

      You're bias, I tell you haha. If you probably watched the same amount of anime, you'd probably be having the same list or maybe not :)). Actually other might have have seen this list trashy, after all, I didn't include Baccano's OP and Tank from Cowboy Bebop (since those two are overrated).

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