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A Hanamaru Resolution?

Hanamaru is one of the anime(s) which caught my attention when I first saw the chart for Winter 09/10. And yes, it was for the first time that I chose an anime at my own will, without even a clue of what it was all about without regretting why I watched it.

I actually dug the manga, and was surprised that Hanamaru actually has roughly 90+ manga chapters already, which is the reason why I was expecting lots of episodes from it. I was quite shocked that Gainax only did 12 episodes, which is obviously inadequate to cover the story.

I think that it has something to do with budget since Hanamaru had 12 EDs, unique for each episode. Well, if I had to choose, I would have devoted instead the budget for that in animating more episodes, rather than trying to impress the audience by presenting different ED every time. I honestly didn’t liked all the EDs as well, so– I don’t think they wisely spent their budget. I liked almost all the character that it was such a waste that they weren’t given enough screen time.

Hiiragi is so adorable. I love her cosplay, especially the bunny. I mean, it’s so fun to watch a geeky kid blabber about things normally a kid at her age wouldn’t know. I guess her character is so exaggerated because it seems she could even calculate stars’ rotational speed. Anzu is rather flirt. Was that so obvious.. Okay. Even so she’s fun to watch as well whenever she pertinently does things on her own, trying to impress Tsuchi. Regardless of her tendencies to be flirt, I guess she’s likable as a kid. I’m not fond though of her antics trying to act as an adult. Koume is your typical timid student in the class. She’s pretty much okay I guess but her character is so typical and boring XD unlike Hiiragi, besides being cliche on the part of being geeky, but she’s rather fun to watch. All in all, I love these kids a lot since they are fun to watch, they even make me want to regress back on being a child (Now, that’s bad).

I’m disappointed at Hinagiku’s character because she would have been an interesting character, being so mature (in a different light compared to Hiiragi), but she wasn’t really developed because she was introduced late in the series. Scenes with her father and the mafia would have been fun to watch but those moments were so limited in the anime. Satsuki is also a great addition in the cast, and would have been great if she became a regular. She was a refreshing sight in the anime but her appearance was only limited for her arc as a sister, which was rather upsetting we didn’t saw her again.

I like Tsuchi’s character. Probably, because he is such a laid back teacher, who even has the courage to bring his DS while teaching the kids! (How daring) His romance with Yamamoto-sensei is rather retarded in a funny way. I just can’t comment on Yamamoto-sensei’s denseness. I don’t really ship their pair, — I don’t know but I just don’t see the chemistry between the two. On the other hand, I admire Yamamoto-sensei’s devotion towards teaching, her mindset on how she wanted to be like Tsuchi on conversing with the children as well as her focus on it since she said that she doesn’t have a room for a romantic relationship. Then again, this is just a matter of managing her priorities.

I am so discontented with how things went with just 12 episodes. I am demanding more from Gainax XD! They should have ended the series if it was dragging, but it was not. It was pretty enjoyable and fun to watch — which is why I’m wondering why they didn’t produced more episodes. How they ended Tsuchi’s pursuit of Yamamoto-sensei’s feelings wasn’t really good. Tsuchi was just brushed off the topic and then it ends there? That’s not a really nice way to end, or suspend things. Meanwhile, I think the only good thing that happened in the ending was that Anzu is now finally accepting the challenge without minding other contenders for Tsuchi’s heart.

I am absolutely looking forward for a second season! (I hope there is)


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