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Railgun – A Certain Abrupt Ending

I am late, I know that.

So– I heard many people were complaining on how half-ass the ending was for such an anime, even though it was just a side story. But then again, if I have something to say about railgun, for me, it’s definitely much better than index.

Index has so much to tell, and yet everything were forcefully packed. Railgun has few but splendid episodes to offer, and sprinkled with few fillers. (Okay, now now, this is not an entry contrasting the two.)

I agree that the arcs were rather short, and lacks some vivid explanations, clearer conclusion and more fights, but I don’t really think that it resulted to the anime being bad. The fillers were bad, I suppose, because I didn’t really enjoyed it, although I think the studio did well job on giving importance and screen time for other characters. The stories were really irrelevant that the show somehow got deviated from what was going to happen, which was hinted by the OP sequence. The viewers somehow anticipated that already but because they did some fillers, it probably caused a let down for several viewers which liked the previous events and yet expecting more to come, which didn’t really came, not until the last 3 episodes.

Things were rushed? I don’t think the fillers ate up much of the episodes needed in order to contain the main plot of the story, because I do think the last episodes were just sufficient to explain the continuity. It’s just that it happened to be so short.

I don’t know what to say regarding Saten-san. I was rather rooting for her throughout the series because I also want her to gain a power of her own, and finally relieve her of that feeling of envy towards her other friends, who often play a large part on saving other people, and the academy city using their abilities. I don’t know if I should be happy that she remained to be a significant key character until the last minute, because she is a Level 0.

With regards to Uiharu and the flowers on her head, I just don’t get it until now. It still remains as a mystery. What is its relevance when her powers is related on constant preservation of temperature? Weather? Humidity? I don’t get it, when it somehow appears that she don’t even know that there are silly flowers on her head.

Touma appearances were great, although I kind of  agree that he has to appear very limited in this show because this is not his show already. Although it is kind of awkward that he was not seen completely during the last scenes already. Because of that, he seemed to be a Deus ex Touma for the Level Upper incident.

I really liked railgun, especially its level upper arc, which touches the concept of AIM. I’m just so fond of it because it serves as a parallel world to that of the academy city which was caused by the simultaneous usage of the powers of the espers. I don’t really get it but I do think AIM is somewhat the representation of the aggregate personal realities of all the espers in the city, which is why it’s fun to poke into that concept, since powers and abilities in railgun were largely based on that concept.

Railgun is raining with so many interesting pseudo scientific concepts, which is what I really like with the show. You really don’t need to understand the whole concept underlying the concepts, and I do think that the studio did well on constructing diagrams for easy understanding of some of the concepts, like the what-not syndrome I didn’t remember.

I like how the show showcased the full prowess of Misaka, Kuroko during the last episode, and of course with the grand entrance of Mitsuko Kongou’s Aero Hand. Aero Hand is powerful although I don’t really think it’s that strong because the user is damn vulnerable before she’ll be able to activate her power. Kuroko is indeed strong although I think it’s very hassle as well that she has to have contact over things in order to teleport it. It’s fun to see her wielding her exclusive set of pins though. Her long range teleportation is quite convenient though… Considering at that very instant, she teleported as well the metal stuff. Konori-senpai is cool and all that with the motorcycle scene but when she took the blow from Telestina, and threw Misaka, I just can’t imagine how she still managed to recover and land safely, and in one piece.

For those who did not noticed, the date Aug. 9 was somehow intently shown during the last scene in the hospital. And for everyone’s sake, Aug.10 is actually the date that the Sisters’ Arc began, based from the manga (not sure if its the same with the light novel). Which is why, I’m beginning to speculate that JC Staff might be planning to produce another season for Railgun, which showcases the Sisters’ Arc in Misaka’s perspective. Everyone almost see this in an impossible way because much of the material regarding the arc was already presented in Index, and that, some says that Misaka begins to play already a significant role in the parent story, that there will be no need anymore for a side-story series. Either way, I’d love to see the battle between Misaka versus Frenda and Mugino. Then again, we did saw them appear in a cameo, which really increased my hunch that they might animate the sisters’ arc. I hope, that even though they won’t be planning a second series (which is highly doubtful due to lack of material), they release an OVA for it. This might compensate for the fillers I didn’t really liked.

I liked the series as a whole, even though only half of it is really canon, and I really enjoyed the episodes which presented plot advancement, because of its engaging story. The ending was kind of let down though because the only part which I liked was the action and fights, but not how the series was wrapped up — which is kind of expected because Index2 still has to continue it.

I do hope to see the characters aside from Misaka again — even if not in Railgun2, but in Index2, if possible.


image credits: pixiv user いたち

  1. kluxorious says: April 1, 20101:30 pm

    i hope we have the Sister's Arc. That is so much coolness!

    • foomafoo says: April 1, 20102:18 pm

      Yeah, definitely. I want Mugino vs Misaka animated so much.

  2. Keiri says: April 5, 20102:34 pm

    I don’t get it, when it somehow appears that she don’t even know that there are silly flowers on her head

    That was an obvious bad joke and troll by the writers lol. Uiharu should know the flowers are there. She removed her hairband when she was ill once and there was also one incident where she blatantly took off one flower from there.

    Anyway, I suppose the second half of Railgun can be considered canon in a way, just not in the context of the manga maybe. After all, Kamachi Kazuma (Index/Railgun's author) was the one who wrote the stories' drafts for Episodes 13 – 24. ^^
    My recent post To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Season 1 Review and Final Impressions

    • foomafoo says: April 26, 20108:24 am

      I honestly didn't notice that! I think I should be more attentive next time. *Looks through that episode* Thanks for that info.

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