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Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen – Afterthoughts and Ramblings

I’ve always hoped for a second season of InuYasha.I planned it already a long long time ago, and even wrote an entry for it that I’ll be reading the manga, but I wasn’t really able to. which is why I was so glad when I heard the news of course, that they decided to animate and finish the series. Inuyasha’s ending wasn’t really at my mind during that time… But now that it has ended, I don’t know why but I feel depressed and dissatisfied.

I might will mention spoilers.

Things went very fast, in my opinion, contrary to what I’ve experienced from watching the previous 167 episodes. I already knew some spoilers from the manga, which is why, I was rather anticipating how some of the scenes will turn out, especially Kagura’s death. I really like her character. It was unfortunate though that she has to die — at Naraku’s hands, even at the last moment. It was really regrettable that the freedom she was seeking meant death for her. Sesshoumaru’s arrival was also emotional in my opinion. It’s such a sad thing when I was actually shipping their pairing. I hate the fact that Kagura kicked the bucket when she finally got what she wanted. I was actually hoping she would accept Inuyasha’s offer to her to fight alongside with them to beat Naraku… But I already knew as well that she would definitely reject the offer. It’s such a waste witnessing a death of a bad guy finally transforming into a good guy and yet — she dies before it completely happens :<

Meanwhile, Kanna’s death — was rather… I wasn’t really flustered by her death because she was very stoic in the show, aside from her occasional ruminations with regards to that of Kagura.  Of course, she has her own role in the story, and it was as a puppet of Naraku. I guess that part was the of the story was the one Takahashi-sensei wanted everyone to be emphatic with, — her disposition as a puppet, with only the slightest control over her emotions. In the end, she only became an scapegoat for Naraku’s plans. I guess her death was only instrumental for the party’s discovery on how they are going to defeat Naraku.

Here we go to Kikyo’s death. I guess her death was pretty given because we saw her countless attempt to recover her spiritual powers throughout the series, right after her incomplete revival. I always thought that Inuyasha and Kagome would be the couple. I guess that’s the most predictable of all things that will happen in this anime. Then again, Kikyo’s presence was the only thing that wavers Inuyasha’s feelings, and it’s pretty much seen that Inuyasha still has lingering feelings towards Kikyo, even after she technically died.

The thought of her finally giving up on the second chance that was given to her to reunite with Inuyasha is just… depressing. Much of the plot advancement is thanks to her because she has really done lots of things for the party, independently that is.

The love triangle is fascinating to watch, although it is sometimes irritable that Kagome has to sulk whenever Kikyo and Inuyasha is together. Then again, I really like the development happened to the relationship among these three. Kikyo, probably knew already what she’ll become of — and that she already decided to entrust Inuyasha to Kagome. Meanwhile, Kagome finally started to become somewhat open minded, and that she is no longer jealous of small things. She even actually decided on herself that she’ll protect Kikyo until the end because she knows that Inuyasha still loves Kikyo, as if she doesn’t really care anymore on how things are going to turn out.

The funny part I guess, was that everyone has to get an upgrade of their skills, except Miroku, whom I think proved to be a lil useless when things are about to end.  Aside from the fact that he doesn’t feel anything anymore from absorbing the miasma doesn’t change the fact that his life is in danger. He didn’t had any upgrade in his skills too, which is a bummer. Surprisingly, Sango’s Hiraikotsu pretty much became powerful than what I’ve expected. Kagome’s warping arrows are ridiculous though. I was kind of disappointed on how Kagome’s ability seemed as a last minute addition. It’s as if the flimsy childhood flashbacks were just thought of right at that moment just to give a brief background about Kagome’s supposed ability. Kagome’s name, just as how it was supposed to be the origin of her power, is actually relevant, it’s just that it should have manifested pretty much earlier on the series, if that was the case.

Things have dragged on very long I guess. I don’t like how Rin suddenly became so involved during the last part. That was rather cheap… or was that an excuse to keep Sesshoumaru involved as well? I guess I was contented with the final battle, but it seemed very crowded, even Shippo, Jaken, Ah-un, Rin, and Kohaku were there! I would have been more happy with the ending if those who only fought Naraku were those who were really involved in the very first place.

Byakuya’s role is very disappointing. I didn’t even know the significance of what he did to Kagome. (I mean, I know what it did, but the process was… so vague.) He knew he’d disappear if Naraku dies and yet he still did his role. That is crap. I wouldn’t care to anything anymore if that was me. Naraku didn’t really  threatened him or anything so his lack of resistance compared to Kagura and Hakudoshi was very pathetic.

Naraku’s fall was quite fast. He didn’t pulled off any of those annoying barriers this time around. Inuyasha would have been a better series if Takahashi-sensei lessened the fillers. The story would have been nice if the one that gained the focus were the developments of the character, and not to the endless fights. If the story could have been told that fast, then they should have done that instead as well to the first installment. My only gripe though is that, some manga readers were complaining on how some of the deaths came very fast, without even wrapping up things, and I agree to that at a some extent.

At last, the freaking crystals finally disappeared from their universe. It was rather hard to comment about the ending. I was just only thinking of a paradoxical problem regarding Kagome’s existence. Wouldn’t her existence in the Feudal Era affect the present world she actually came from? –considering there really is continuity between the two dimensions.  The ending is not that out of ordinary, it was actually rather plain and simple ending. I was just happy that it finally came to an end. It’s just that the ending doesn’t feel right primarily because of the absence of the conflict, when the series has tons of it when it began. The series seemed to have faded into white after the ending… Disappointing that the ending didn’t do anything spectacular, but just showed a “happy” ending after all those episodes.

Although I’ll admit I lol’d at Sesshoumaru’s reaction when Kagome called him onii-chan.

I guess this is the end of the line for Inuyasha.


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  1. Yumeka says: March 31, 20103:54 pm

    When I read the end of the manga almost two years ago, I was somewhat dissatisfied, too. The main reason was because over the years I had imagined all these grand ways I wanted the series to end, and it didn't end nearly like how I'd thought. Rumiko Takahashi isn't known for being able to wrap up her series well, and Inuyasha is another example. But watching it in the anime after reading the manga, I liked the ending a little better. I would have ended in differently, but just gotta move on I suppose.
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    • foomafoo says: March 31, 20104:53 pm

      I think we feel rather the same. I was expecting as well a more impressive ending — that would surely make it mark on my mind, but– I'm disappointed that it has to be one of those common scenery at a cliff — and then that's it.

      The only manga I liked the ending which was written by Rumiko Takahashi is Maison Ikkoku.

  2. Tonya says: January 16, 20124:43 pm

    I agree, I mean I liked it and all but it was too short and rushed. Like she just wanted to get it over with seeing as how people had complained for so long about the lack of an ending. She should have took her time though, it would have been alot better that way imo.

    • foomafoo says: January 16, 20129:48 pm

      I would have loved to witness a more striking and memorable ending to the franchise. I mean yeah, it ended well and all but the final scene was pretty forgettable because it's bland and already in the list of everyone's ending predictions. Takahashi-sensei should have included more surprising elements rather than the obvious ending that the fans want.

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