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Nodame Cantabile – Closing Curtain?

I’m not watching Nodame Cantabile: Finale anymore!

Well yes, it’s because I’ve finished the manga already.

Spoiler Alert! (For those who are still watching Finale and haven’t read the manga)

Honestly, I’m not contented with what happened. Things shouldn’t have been like this… Of course I’m not the author. No use whining now. It’s just that I thought the ending of the series would be a damn good orchestra performance featuring Nodame’s concerto with Chiaki conducting… Of course, that would be very predictable then. And I thought, after all those developments of Nodame being much more exposed and inclined to the classical way of music playing, she’ll never regress back to her whimsical tendencies— but it still happened.

I felt rushed during the last chapters. Everything seemed slow — and then you’ll finally pick up a fast pace since there are lots of things going on during the last chapters. The author even introduced another character, which I don’t think effective since everyone is just interested on what’s going to happen between Chiaki and Nodame, considering there are very few chapters remaining already.

Nodame Cantabile has lots of interesting characters but I think the author has her own problems in terms of developing them equally. I am referring here to Frank. I didn’t really saw him play any significant part of the story except the first chapters on Paris because of his utter coincidence involvement with Nodame. Meanwhile, Rui got more exposure, even though she is already a renowned pianist. Also, Yunlong had his moment when he’s about to exit the scene. Probably, my favorite part is Kuroki-kun’s romance. I can’t bring myself to like Tanya during the first few chapters, specifically during the first Paris-hen, but it seems her existence has grown on me as well, ever since she grew fond of Kuroki.

I also liked Mine’s comeback — but a lot has changed… I thought I would still be able to witness the laid back days the three of them shared when they were all still back in Japan. It was very disappointing I guess? Even Nodame didn’t appeared as welcoming as I thought she should be when Mine arrived. Even Kiyora felt an estrangement when she finally met Chiaki and Nodame in Europe.

Of course, the Nodame wonder incident is the most funny part of the show, and at the same time downcast since I just witnessed a random orchestra performance. It’s somewhat sad that Nodame has to throw a tantrum at the end of the story. A terrible one, which ruined my happy and great ending.

It left me so many questions regarding what happened to other characters, especially to those who are in Japan. It could be seen during the last chapters as if RS’s fame is somewhat declining due to the current conductor. It wasn’t even resolved in the manga, or did the RS still managed to recuperate?

Everyone has their own approach when it comes to music. Serious or not, it doesn’t matter as long as you appreciate all the notes. Does Nodame need to conform to the norm and the current trend in the classical music? Not really, it’s just as how Chiaki believes so. But does anyone said that it has to be like that?

I didn’t exactly get the message of the story. Technically speaking regarding music, does the author encourage everyone to the readers to be Nodame? Not serious yet filling with their own improvisation and emotion towards music? Or was it the classical and strict conveyance of what is on the music sheet? I mean, it’s as if the series wants to show that someone could still succeed in the world of music, as long as they believe on their abilities and skill on playing, and without the acknowledgment of other people. Playing as if it doesn’t matter what kind of sound you produce.

I am now currently expecting the plot continuity of Nodame in the Opera-hen. Good thing there is such a thing because I’ll heavily be disappointed if things will get suspended as simple as that. I think it has to be there, that Nodame’s dream of finally performing a concerto with Chiaki as a conductor comes true. I’m also looking forward once more to Ueno Juri’s acting as Nodame for the upcoming movie.


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