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Bringing Back Love for Battle Shounen

I am regressing once again… I saw a glimpse of the series from a local television channel, and there, I decided to rewatch the anime.

Hunter x Hunter is probably the most thrilling battle shounen I’ve ever watched, especially the York Shin Arc. I really like the dark atmosphere of the series, and the seemingly dark past of the characters, of course, except Gon. And of course, who won’t be intrigued by the Genei Ryodan, and their issues revolving Kurapica?

One thing I also like from the series, is the sense of goal of the characters. They aren’t the type of characters which somewhat just go with the flow to that of the main protagonist. You can clearly see that even though they are indeed main characters of the story, they go separate paths, and the story unfolds, as the plot continues to divulge.

This is the anime, which probably has explored so many paths and alternative in order to cater for all kinds of actions. It regressed into nearly becoming a Yuyu Hakusho (which is by the way, the other work of the author) after the Hunter Exam due to the tournament. It even transformed into a MMORPG-esque story with cards on it. But hey, I liked all of those ventures even if you say that it was one hell of a transformation from episode one.

Okay, here I go with my gripes, despite saying it bringing back love, yes this is love.

If there is one thing that I have to say though, I liked how the author managed to lengthen the story but the whole premise of the series from the York Shin Arc was somewhat compromised. As we all know, the York Shin Arc finished right after Kurapica did some chain piercing thing to Kuroro — and then what? I think the ending York Shin Arc was very pre-mature. I really thought that the trouble with regards to the Ryodan will come to a resolution… but there is now another new arc and all things are suspended. I didn’t even understood the “Ryuusei” stuff they were talking about where Ryodan came from, which made the Mafia hesitant on attacking them.

The idea of Greed Island is good, but somewhat meaningless, to an extent that it was even revealed to the audience right after Gon entered the game that he’ll never be able to find any clue about his father in the game–what about the plot then?! Greed Island even ended with the Jyonen user just being found, but it was never seen if he finally dispelled Kurapica’s chain or if he even met Kuroro already. Also, since I’ve read few parts of the manga, I found out that the whole Greed Island arc is damn useless for plot continuity for the pursuit of Jing since all that effort just to get the Accompany card was useless. Gon should have reached Jing if he used Magnetic Force instead… What now, All that I could think off was that the arc was used as some sort of training , or as filler.

Now that I’ve finished the anime, I’ve decided to continue it by reading the Chimera Ant Arc which is the next arc after the Greed Island. I didn’t liked it that much, and with that added factor of having the manga look as if it was only a draft… (I didn’t read the manga right from the start, but right from the moment Gon used the Accompany card) What is up with Hisoka these days? There have been very few involvement of characters like Leorio and Kurapica in the Greed Island and even in the present arc… Observing this fact made me a little listless about it, but we’ll see, if I’ll be able to keep up with its current chapters.

Is there anyone who will convince me to continue reading it?


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