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Sora no Woto – Finally, The X Factor

Despite the criticisms that Sora no Woto has been receiving regarding its character designs, I really don’t know why a lot of people gives too much focus on it. Actually, out of all the characters, it’s only from Filicia that I get Mugi’s vibes, while other do not really reflect any other similarities towards Yui and the others. One reason as well on why I really don’t see K-ON! girls from Sora no Woto is that they didn’t really gave that much of an impact, something enough to discern them apart from just any other character, although of course yes, they are iconic, but that’s different if you view them as regards to personality or such.

I was also rather perturbed by the idea of trumpet during the first episodes, actually even up until now. I doubt you would be able hear the sound from it if you’ll be hearing it alongside firing cannons and explosions.

Finally, I was waiting for some sort of an episode like this. The only thing that the series can boast of during the first episodes were the landscapes and the art. There is also this depth in the story which is wanting to be explored. I must say though that it didn’t impressed me that much during the first episodes because they were shallow and this light-hearted atmosphere enveloping the story, when it was somehow trying to project the setting as a post-war era. I didn’t really understand the show. It somehow lurks near mediocrity but sometimes get too technical when it comes to Noel explaining all those details about TakeMikazuchi.

While some says that the scenic atmosphere from the show was similar to Aria, I don’t know if I should agree because Aria deals with utopia but Sora no Woto is somehow dealing with dystopia, as seen with the No Man’s Land. I admit though that both showcases the idea of beautiful visuals. Aria and Sora no Woto similarly introduces as well some weird sci-fi concept every now and then.

I never really got the feeling of war from this series. I was similarly expecting some guns, just as how kanzeon anticipated it. It was post-war so I was also anticipating some sort of reminiscence part of the story during the war era, but no one gave me that, not until Filicia got some focus. I liked how episode 07 break some grounds regarding the first episodes of the anime being so timid, slow and relaxed, to the point that nothing much is happening. I mean, there’s supposedly a war. The idea of the squad being so isolated to what’s the real situation of humanity is also off in my opinion because that’s what I’m quite interested — after they’ve introduced the No Man’s Land. Don’t you think it’s odd and ironic for these girls to have some blast when we’re not even sure whether humanity is safe against some evil invaders across the universe?

At least in episode 07, we got to see some war experiences from Filicia. I liked the episode a lot. Not only that it gave rise to character developments of the squad, it also achieved showing that Sora no Woto’s not just about the art being similar to K-ON! or something like that. I thought Sora no Woto is pondering so much that they already lose the direction, but I guess not.

Even though I liked how episode 05 somehow takes the series beyond its usual path of showing the everyday activities in the headquarters, I’d say episode 07 was really the one that made me say to myself, that I’ll finish watching this one.

I hope the show continues to delve around the concept of war and conflict.


image credits: pixiv user AUER

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