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2009 Revisited: Wrap-up (My Top 5)


2009 is the first year I’ve actually completed to monitor from January to December. Now I can fully assess the anime(s) I’ve watched—and liked from every season. Is 2009, yay or nay?

The anime(s) listed below are not really in any order of preference or such, but these are my final picks for the best shows for the year of 2009. I really didn’t include shows which weren’t done airing yet. Meanwhile, I’ve included a show from 2008 Fall which didn’t finished airing on 2008.

Anyway, I’ve finally finished Persona 4 before the end of the year so expect some sort of a review of the game. It’s partly responsible why the year end post is late.

taigaToradora! – It was kind of let down that this show not really left that of a heavy impression among the viewers but to tell everyone the truth, Toradora! is one of the shows that really kept me excited every week during the season it was being aired.

I never really liked Taiga at first because she only seems to me a brat, with a Shana-esque voice, spouting baka-inu over and over. It was really Minorin who enticed me in this show. I still remember that scene with Ami whispering to her, whether her feelings of guilt has disappeared or whatnot… Although I also have to agree that Taiga was awesome during this episode as well because of the cat fight.

I just don’t care anymore about the love interest of the characters here in the series. I just really like the character developments made in this show, from Minorin’s guilt, deceit and of course her impulsive character, Ami’s provocative attitude, Yuusaku’s idiotic tendencies, Takasu’s awesomeness, and Taiga’s ill-temper.

Well, I honestly didn’t liked the ending of the series. Seriously, I just don’t know why Toradora suddenly tripped that branch when it’s already about to end. I don’t know if I’m the only one who didn’t like the ending. Adversely, I guess there are also several episodes which I liked, which I think could compensate for the feeble ending.

spicenwulfSpice and Wolf II – The best sequel I’ve seen so far. I think the first season is somewhat shallow because it  simply seemed to me a boy meets girl plot. Season 2 begs to differ because it explored more the relationship between Horo and Lawrence. There have been several situations already where Lawrence was drove into a corner to select from limited options but it has never been the case that Horo has to leave his side, in exchange for something he has desired for long. Season two further tests the strength of the bond formed between Horo and Lawrence after their encounter. It was a good watch because you get to see some substantial character developments from the two primary characters, even if it was in a slow-paced manner. I am highly anticipating a third installment from this series.

arararararagiBakemonogatari – Haha, it’s kind of expected already because Bakemonogatari is one of the unique series through out the year. Nisio Isin’s antics were funny, but at the same time, he still didn’t failed to incorporate the story. I fail as a viewer though because I never had the chance to formally write a review for it, but I’ll certainly write one. Someday.

Ugh, I still remember that it was too late for me to realize that Senjogahara’s staplers were sembalnt to that of crab’s pincers. I think I was only able to sumise that after 10 episodes, yes it was a real fail for me for noticing it on the last minute.

The series’ capriciousness is one of its fascinating traits. The characters are pleasing in sense that they are fun and surprising to watch, on how they are going to react to certain situations. I especially liked conversations between Senjogahara and Araragi, since these two are the very embodiment of the descriptions I’ve just said. Araragi’s fun to watch because of his tsukkomi-esque responses while Senjogahara is so enticing to watch as she teases Araragi.

My only qualm though is the walls of texts. Probably, that’s one of the reason I just can’t say that I’ve fully understood the series. Once in a while, I get to see this kanji character of kuro 黒 (black) — which I still don’t comprehend up until now.

tokyomagnitude80Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – One of the anime(s) that left me dumbstruck after it was finished.

It was a blunt bullet for people who don’t really know how to get past some obstacles in life. It was a realistic portrayal of how Mirai was able to change from that of an annoying teen into a much mature Mirai after all the events. It showcases that commonality among people to take for granted some things that they’d find important once it is lost already. Sometimes though, we just have to overcome that fear in order to advance in our own lives.

I doubt one would still be able to utter “the world should just break” after watching this series.

The final episodes gave such a confusing impression among the viewers though because of the issue regarding Yuuki. Either way, I think witnessing Mirai’s growth through out the story is the true essence of the series.

6939990300Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou – A supernatural series that has a subtle atmosphere, but piquant on its own unique way.

Okay, how should I describe this anime? Well, it was interesting on its own right, but I especially liked the portrayal of Natsume’s character. He is an interesting fellow for he does his best to deal with youkais alone. I guess I just can contemplate with his behavior towards the people around him. He seems to be fine around others when he’s actually not often times.

Natsume’s stance between both youkais and humans is of course one of the catch of the anime. Will he be able to keep up with the youkais given his transient life? When will he finally be at his true self around humans? The human-youkai relationship being the focus between Natsume and Madara is also a good watch because it somewhat tells a story of an unrequited relationship between two different entities. Madara’s growing fondness towards Natsume is given already but will the two of them make it given the barriers?

It also has a slow paced manner of story telling but it is worth watching Natsume’s struggles with Madara, as they take that path, nobody knows where it leads.

Also— A third installment as well puh-lease.


Hmm, probably my runner-ups would be: Aoi Hana, Eden of the East, Birdy Decode 2 and Skip Beat. K-on, Umineko and Valkyria Chronicles just didn’t made it on my cut. There are still lots of anime I’ve watched but I guess those above would be the top 5? Well, I guess this will look like very subjective since I don’t have any formal criteria to assess them, but i really don’t care about crappy animation and sound that much because I give the heavy weight to the story and characters alone while distributing some to my personal enjoyment and the value of the anime itself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed as well these top 5 anime(s) of mine for the year 2009.

Well then, it is again the start of another decade. I hope there would be more good anime(s) which would be produced.


image credits: pixiv users NPN♥サイト引っ越しました, きぃら~☆, 椿九, 928, Liddle

  1. hazy says: January 2, 20107:21 pm

    Natsume is a really good series. I hope for a Kizumonogatari anime adaptation. I should probably get a move on and catch up with Spice and Wolf II, and this bleak Winter season seems to be the perfect time to do it. xD

  2. foomafoo says: January 2, 20108:25 pm

    Natsume’s manga is different though, and I think I’ll pick it up some time in the future.

    Yup, I’ve been intrigued as well what exactly happened to Araragi. I hope Kizumonogatari will further explain the relationship between him and Shinobu.

    Spice and Wolf is good too! Although I have the bad habit of reading alternative forms — so I hope the light novels get to be translated as well.

  3. Kriselle says: January 22, 20108:18 pm

    I think I’m watching the last three series here (especially Bakemonogatari because the art looks lovely, or maybe after your review on it? lol) in the near future.

    Natsume Yuujinchou just seems lovely. I can’t wait to try it out. And Tokyo Magnitude – wow. That has been on my watchlist for a while now. I think I’ve got to get moving to be able to start on them once and for all.

    I’m STILL very doubtful towards ToraDora, though, because the premise of the story just doesn’t make me want to watch it. It gave me the Haruhi Suzumiya vibe, without the espers, timetravelers and aliens (?). Perhaps after I’ve tried it out (whenever THAT may be) I’ll be able to correct that kind of perception towards love stories. Recently, I tried out Kimi ga Nozomu Eien because of the amazing reviews about it but I can’t seem to make myself move from the third episode because it doesn’t have that level of excitement (romance-excitement, I mean — like the kind of appeal Kimi ni Todoke has) that could keep me going. Perhaps it would be evident in the later episodes. I don’t know. =__= To be honest, I’ve lost enough interest to try and find out. /digressed lol

  4. foomafoo says: January 27, 20109:39 pm

    NatsuYuu didn’t seem quite catchy at first glance, but I liked it either way because of its calm atmosphere — and some subsequent danger whenever Natsume encounters a youkai. I think it has a very good pace.

    TM 8.0 is rather tiring for me, because I kept anticipating what’s gonna happen, if — after the earthquake will there still be something for the characters to return to?

    Bakemonogatari is pretty much good IMO but others find it not that really good. Story-wise, it’s pretty questionable because I wasn’t really able to fully understood it, because you’ll be bombarded by walls of text… Nevertheless, I also liked the characters, and some of the intended puns in the story.

    Hahaha, Toradora, actually gave me a vibe of Zero no Tsukaima, (because of Rie Kugimiya). I’d say, I never really gotten into the show until episode 9. I totally love the culture fest of Toradora. Minorin is pretty much an intriguing character for me too. I just can’t think of anything that’s similar between Taiga and Haruhi.

    Haha, KimiNozo is actually a tragic story… I actually became depressed when I watched the story, plus a little annoyance towards the indecisive main character. (and yes, I don’t think you won’t get any romance vibe from it, if your benchmark is KnT)

  5. foomafoo says: January 27, 20109:41 pm

    Actually read up until the latest, and I’d say I’m wrong because there were only minimal changes. The anime is pretty much more advanced than the manga so season 3 I think is improbable for next year.

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