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Making a Day Special


(Note: The following contains Christianity-related stuff.)

Bokura ga Ita’s last episode is not much of a Christmas special but, it did happen in the Christmas season. The first half of it shows the two of the major characters, Yano and Nana, talking and then celebrating their own Christmas together. Since Yano will be leaving before Christmas itself, they celebrated earlier. Before the actual date, they discussed first how they are going to spend it. Nana insists they spend it the usual way they do because she doesn’t want to feel like it is an ending. I have to think that she feels like it’s a different day, like it’s a one-time-big-time thing because of the specialness that Yano wants to give it.This leads me to a question–why do we spend certain days differently from others?

For example, I spend Christmas day joyously, going to mass and all. After all, I am celebrating Christ’s birthday. I go to extra masses because of what my family has gotten used to. For New Year, some of us may make resolutions that we try hard to achieve. For birthdays, we eat extra expensive food, feed visitors and such. For Yano, if Nana didn’t stop him, wants Nana to go with him to Disneyland, which is MEGA expensive.

So where is this going? I guess what I want to say is some of us spend events on the day designated for it only. We leave the celebration part on the day itself. The essence of the event stays on that 24 hours or even less. For Christmas, perhaps it would be better if we always be happy that God sent Christ and was born as human and all(for the believers). For New Year, we don’t need to wait for it to make resolutions, desho? We can change whenever. For birthdays, we can celebrate each day like it’s our last day, that we still have a chance to fulfill the purpose for which we are born.

Good thing Yano took her advice. They spent it like how they would have if it’s a regular day, except for Nana’s hair, which was done for the date. At least in that way, they feel like they are going to last (their relationship). They get the feeling when they are together, not being aware that they are soon to part, because they spent it like a usual day. (I like to think that they have been spending their days like it’s their last so I assumed that’s why Nana felt that way.)

I’m not saying to scrap all kinds of extra celebration on the day of the special event itself. I’m just saying that we can do things that can provide us the benefit of the special event itself even if it’s just a “regular” day. It’s just a suggestion, hmkay? ;D Have a great day!

(PS Sorry for the weak attempt to apply Christmas part of Bokura ga ita to our culture.XD)

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