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Flat – Alienation


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And so, I stumbled upon this manga by Aogiri Natsu. Flat has 13 chapters so far and I can really say I’ve been absorbed already by the plot of the manga. In any case, I really liked this chapter 9 of Flat. I just can’t help it but think for myself if I ever had a similar feeling towards my friends, whch is alienation. My answer is yes. Definitely, I think almost everyone had at least experienced this kind of feeling, of being disassociated, even if one would prefer to hide or disregard his/her own feelings—and I just like how Aogiri Natsu presented it to the readers. Thanks to this certain statement by Satou which is “Just because you like something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get your affection reciprocated.” that really lets us know that reality bites. Not just that, but Satou’s thoughts as well regarding his disposition with his relation to his two other friends.

Sometimes, whenever we see our friends, complacency kicks in, as if your ties with each other will never change. One would never imagine the things that might cause him/herself anxiety towards the stability of the relationship with the other person, even if you’ve been together for a long time.

panel2 There are situations we just feel of a sudden as if we’ve been cast away by people we thought we knew for a long time already. It’s just as if there still exists a barrier that separates you from them. Was the time you spent with them not yet enough to make them care about you, or even just notice you? Who would want to be on a supporting role for a long time when the one you supports doesn’t even acknowledge your existence. Satou has always been introduced as the bubbly character in the manga, which is why, it was somehow unanticipated that he has this underlying feeling of disgruntlement. Even so, I guess everyone has their own facade when it comes to facing other people, as for Satou, he chooses not to tell it to his other two friends. I don’t know, maybe other people sees him as a coward with his decisions regarding his friendship but I see Satou as an altruistic person. He is in fact, the unappreciated best friend of the two, which is rather sad since Suzuki and Heisuke acts as if they are taking Satou’s kindness for granted—or maybe, both of them are just so dense enough to not notice Satou’s endeavor to make himself more noticeable in front of them. Now I just can understand why Satou acts so hyper in front the two of them, and yet it always goes unnoticed by the two.

He even shows the utmost concern for both Heisuke and Suzuki, but everything so far was in vain.

Too bad Satou, but then again,  he said it himself as well…

Just because you like something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get your affection reciprocated.

Even though there are things we just can’t feel we do get the utmost satisfaction we could derive from other things we do, surely, something exists that would occupy our minds, and even get us desperate just to get hold of, even though we know that it won’t be able to respond equally to our feelings. Same thing for Satou, even though he knows he’ll probably end up yet again being ignored.

Maybe, if there would be a thing I’d like to tell Satou, it would probably the same as what Heisuke told to Aki, which is— “It is okay to be selfish at times”. If those two really are his true friends, those two will probably at least open their eyes that Satou had longed for that recognition and attention just so the three of them will be “friends” not just as what they look like from other people, but also from their very own perception.

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