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Childish Musings on Anime: Treasure Hunting

goal I really derive happiness whenever I watch episodes about treasure hunting. Treasure Hunting probably is childish but I’ll admit that I like each and every episode of anime(s) that involves one. Why? Probably because it invokes a blissful feeling.

My heart pounds fast just thinking about it. It’s my desperate wish to experience a real life treasure hunt, something that’s exquisite. I’m not talking about real buried golden treasures, it’s all about the puzzle and solving it such as simple letterboxing[1] events. This is probably the reason why I enjoy Shounen Tantei-dan episodes of Detective Conan, which very few viewers find to be amusing. I do concur that those brats are damn annoying at times but puzzles are just tickling to my senses. Oh no, I’m starting to sound here like an adult deprived of playing games during his childhood. But then again, I would have been more glad if I was able to experience it during my younger days.

Of course, memories would always mean a lot for people. I, for one, would be delighted if I’d be able to enjoy it together with my friends. Treasure hunts offer not only fun memories of that certain experience, it also allows us to explore places we are not even aware that exists. Narrow alleys, secret passages, and even tunnels that lead somewhere, these are just few of your possible discoveries during the quest. Sometimes, we overlook and take many things for granted. I do not think of treasure hunts as an activity just to exercise your psyche, but more of an activity to appreciate things you fail to notice — by allowing time itself to do its job.

My favorite treasure hunt so far would be Aria’s[2] because I really felt drawn unto that chapter. I had mixed feelings while reading it. I was even tempted to take a stroll around our subdivision, although it saddened me a bit since I highly doubt that some mysterious box containing such poetic clues for your next destination exists in real life. When I think of it, even I doesn’t know the convoluted routes of my very own city.

Maybe I was somewhat carried away by this chapter. Anyway, it’s also not just a matter of experiencing the thing itself because reaching the goal has its own spurring effect once you feel you’ve achieved something.

Treasure Hunting, directs you where you must go to reach the goal, it gives out clues to your destination, unlike real life. I guess liking it has also some sort of manifestation in escaping the adversity of the real deal. Then again, who cares about that, I mean, I actually believe that doing deductive thinking (which is necessary in deducting your clues in puzzles) improves your capability of solving the real ones. After all, what if the real path actually coincides with what you are presently doing? No one can really say. So in the end, it’s just a matter of belief, huh?

Well yes, probably. If you believe that you’ll find something of worth at the end of the tunnel, then why not try it? Do I really have to say that? I really think majority of the people would grab a drab of old map just because it might lead to some buried treasure. But then, there are people who rejects this idea of finding something valuable at the end. Does that really matter? What about your discoveries along the way? Will you disregard them as invaluable learning experiences?

This doesn’t actually just apply to the treasure hunt only but to all things. The moment you think you won’t gain anything out of it, then that would really be the result because you didn’t even put any effort on doing so. Even at this point in time, we are currently participating on each of our own treasure hunt to find what we desire for our lives. (cheesy eh?)

Based on this certain chapter of Aria, I believe Akari really is a very fetching character because she doesn’t seem to have an end on her mind whenever she does things but you’ll just be surprised by how she handle things, even during unexpected events. Meanwhile, Alice-chan is profound as always. And, yep I’m kind of envy that she could still manage her hobby of just walking past the streets and alleys despite the time constraint of her training to be a full-fledged Undine. Aika, is stubborn as always, but she is also a kid at heart, even though she often tries to look tough at times, which is probably why I feel most empathetic towards her character.

[2]- Volume 3, Navigation 13

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