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Otaku Elimination: On Selecting Contestants


It’s not like I am opposing this idea of OEliminators, and I’m not definitely trying to stop them in doing this just because I am involved XD. I just wanted to speak out before they have the freedom to criticize my blog in return.

What just stumbled upon my thoughts during the weekend, which is probably related to what the OEG is doing, is about the DVD Special of Toshokan Sensou.

OEliminators can be compared to what the Media Cleansing Committee is in the anime. Yep, they are literally responsible for moderating the libraries and the books, along with its people and bureaucracy, in parallel with what the OEliminators who manage this game to assess, filter, or purge the aniblogosphere.

What I’m basically saying here is, OEG is irresponsibly doing their primary objective in setting up their agenda of filtering the otakusphere, or whatever they want to call it, if they themselves don’t know who their recipients are, yep, or their so-called contestants in the game. My primary argument is, keeping an anime blog doesn’t necessarily make you an otaku, just as pointed by NovaJinx. The fact that you were listed there is similar to arresting you for a crime you really didn’t do. And no, it is not because of ignorance because several bloggers admit it themselves, and even mentioned it on their About pages, that they are not “otaku” as far as they are concerned. So why is it bloggers who didn’t really defined themselves as one, got dragged in here? Or, did we just became mere guinea pigs used for this experiment? Then when did the correct sampling happened?

Well, if I’ll relate it to the DVD special, OEG might be creating a new form of discrimination here because it’s as if they are imposing the people they “eliminate” in the game to cease blogging from the sphere. And as parallel as what Marie-chan said from that certain episode, can’t writers like us be the protagonists of our own blogs? Why does it also have to come from people who can’t even distinguish who is trying to appeal as an otaku, and not?

This is not in defense for criticism because I’ll gladly accept any comments on my blog, may it be harsh or not. It’s just that, I really find their idea of somewhat representing the whole “otakus” in the sphere funny when they can’t even distinguish who is otaku and not on the very first glance, or maybe not really in the first glance— but then again, anime blogs doesn’t equate to owners/authors being otaku. What I’m clearly seeing based from their list though is not a depiction of that.

It was a pretty surprise that my blog was even included because I am pretty sure that I am not reclining towards being an otaku. I am merely an animeblogger and someone who appreciates anime, who has the free time to write/rant about it. Does that already make me an otaku? Or do other people think my blog is an otaku blog? But that’s inclusive, which is not the case as what I’ve said earlier. If they are planning to purge the otakusphere of “fakers” then they should select first the correct people. I just can’t consider them critical on defining the word otaku if they can’t even select the people.

Then again, we do all have our different opinions and say on who’s to call an “otaku” or not so I guess I am pretty subjective. But, same can be said as well towards the OEG because they are primarily categorizing all the listed blogs there as otaku blogs. If they themselves are not really sure on who’s to include and not, then they shouldn’t have initiated this at the very beginning.

They could still do their usual commentaries, harsh criticisms, and even few praises but so far, I am still not convinced to OEG’s objective to somehow filter what’s good and what’s not on the sphere. Then again, of course they don’t need anyone’s approval for what they are doing.

This is not close-mindedness. If they would be criticizing my blog, I might as well rationalize first their validity. Just to clear it up though, I don’t belong to any opposition. I’m also showing a slight support to them because I really find it interesting to take part on this game, otaku or not, might as well enjoy it even if they are trolling behind our backs.


image credits: pixiv user N. スミレ

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