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Otaking!! Otaking??


Otaku no Video is a mock documentary created by Gainax about–yes, you guessed it–Otakus! Knowing Gainax, viewers may expect a mix of animation and actual film. The interviews (the actual film) show the total opposite of what the animation part shows.

It is pretty apparent that the characters are otakus. They share their passion for anime, manga, novelty items and such. I can only imagine how much of their lives they dedicate to their passion. Come to think of it, I think their life only revolves on anime and manga. Do you find it– somehow toxic? Because I do. Don’t get me wrong (because I may sound judgmental) but I only based my observation on the ones interviewed in the two episodes and not on otakus as a whole. Some say the otakus interviewed are Gainax staff. Some of them have hobbies that seem to be controlling their lives. I do not know how to feel when I saw their lives because it seems like they can only get their happiness or they feel a sense of fulfillment only when they satisfy their hobbies.The otakus depicted in the two episodes look sad, more than sad, perhaps empty, and they fill their lives with their respective “things”. The animation may be exaggerated, but it is possible that it portrays similar events that happened in the past of the otakus interviewed. Some of them feels ashamed, alone or confused. The things they pursue, if taken away from them, can lead to the otakus’ devastation. I feel rather (please bear with my lack of a better word) scared for them. Though, I do wonder how different we are to them. Maybe one way or another, we are like them, empty in some ways, trying to fill up our lives with the things we want, them with anime and manga; some of us, money or tech stuff. Perhaps, it’s just part of living, filling things up to make us feel temporarily happy, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing.

I could look at otakus as individuals simply passionate about things they like. That is, of course, if they don’t end up lonely and regretful. Probably, the two episodes only portrayed the extreme otakus, the ones who lost their path due to their obsession. I believe there is more to otakus. There are those who haven’t forgotten to breathe the air outside (if you know what I mean), and can live with their passion together with their other lives.

(I apologize again if I sound judgmental. Weee! My first post. Please be gentle.)


image credits: pixiv user セチゴ

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  1. Kriselle says: October 21, 200912:16 am

    This looks pretty interesting. I might check it out soon!

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